In the dream, playing music

Music in my sleep

Musica dream

Hear in a dream music

The elementary interpretation

Dreams about music are very complex and have so many different interpretations. In different dream books music can have both positive and negative sense. For example, «the ABCs of interpretation» defines music as life in General, its course. If the sleeper hears a Symphony concert, he will experience fertile for the soul, emotions and relationships. Orchestra or ensemble of musicians means you accept the world, but musical instruments guess coming trouble. Just the music could symbolize the illusory world of dreams, which is sleep.

With this interpretation agree and «the Dream Wanderer».

Idiomatic dream book

Idiomatic dream interpretation in their interpretation relies on idioms – expressions with a specific meaning. In this dream the music has several meanings. From the expression «he Who pays the Piper calls the tune» is the value of power, the desire for control over the state of things. «Music of the celestial spheres» symbolizes the sublime spirituality, the «familiar tune» is reminiscent of something already known. Anything to do with music emphasizes the importance of the situation, its solemnity, stands for enthusiasm.

The American dream

If you dream you hear a beautiful, harmonious melody, this is a sign of spiritual advancement, achieve harmony within yourself. And if the melody is heard clearly false – it means that the dreamer is at odds with himself and life.

Downers A., meneghetti, G. Miller, and D. Lofa

Psychologist A. meneghetti believed that to see a group of people who dance or play music, is very positive. Typically, such a dream foretells you something new, revolutionary, progressive in that case, if the character of the music. But if you hear the repetitions of the melody or rhythm, the beat-up classical themes and melodies from their childhood is a cause for concern. This means that a stable neural network (a group of cells that connects the brain with the body) Rob you of flexibility. Whoever plays, the listener, the audience reaction, the nature of the music – all very important elements of the dream that you want to analyze. If the dreamer does not like music – it means giving the contractor his expectations. If a man sees a girl that plays for him, it could mean his desire to do something nice for him. If there is someone third is the fear of a rival or an obstacle. A bad sign is a music box in a dream: the mechanical reproduction of the same melody means obsession or a manifestation of schizophrenia.

H. Miller, to hear the music so have a nice time. If the music is melodious – in reality you will achieve satisfaction and peace of mind. A disharmonious motives portend trouble with naughty children or problems with the household.

D. Loff believed that pleasant melody is a symbol of a harmonious relationship with others. You should avoid people whose music you don’t enjoy.

Eastern dream interpretation, dream interpretation moon

A beautiful melody in a dream symbolizes pleasures and joy. If the sound of the dreamer does not like, then to a series of unpleasant events, most likely in the family sphere. Symphonic music marks a pleasant way of spending.

Monthly interpreterpath same music as interesting conversation. Musical playing means good news.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova E.

If you look at dream interpretation Tsvetkova E., for women music there will symbolize a hidden joke. In General, listen to the music until the joyful news.

The Russian dream book

The Russian dream book interpreterpath to music as a new hope, interesting acquaintances.

Dream interpretation of Freud, psychoanalytic dream interpretation

Sigmund Freud believed music a positive sign, especially a pleasant that gives pleasure to the listeners. It indicates harmony in life and happy state. If the dreamer enjoys the music, the dream talks about his optimistic attitude, faith in yourself and in your future. If the song is well known to the listener, he will return to the past, and this return will be a pleasant surprise. Sharp electrifying music heralds you the things that you have absolutely no desire to do, but it’s necessary. Then, most likely, you will regret it. If the dreamer himself performs music in a dream – in reality he tired to be on the sidelines and he will successfully take responsibility for themselves. In his new role waiting for new interests and sensations.

Psychoanalysis interpreterpath music as a harmonious and contradictory, saturated with emotions life. The music of the spheres and the organist – a symbol of the male organ. Orchestra means the consciousness of a dreamer. Cacophony, dissonance symbolize the contradictions between the conscious and the unconscious.

Symbolic dream interpretation

According to this dream book, music is the sign of relationships, professional success and downturns. In addition, music can symbolize the illusory plans, to be a sign of joy or satisfaction.

The newest dream book

According to the latest interpretation, if you hear music, you need to meditate. If you hear rock music – you will find a breakdown or disease.

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