Buns in my sleep

Buns – it’s always incredibly delicious. But that’s what they dream about? Let will tell you about the different dream books.

What dream rolls

What dream rolls

A modern dream book

I saw buns in her sleep – wait for something beautiful, and your expectations will not remain in vain.

To make a profit, the excellent state of health and useful work – that’s what dream muffin that you had a chance to try.

Bun can be a symbol of good health and generate wealth.


In the dream rolls mark the successful current Affairs and useful expectations.

Culinary dream book

When you bought the dream roll, wait for the imminent receipt of funds.

If you had to cut it, will transfer that increase savings.

Eating a bun in a dream – will conduct it successfully.

Women’s dream book

When you see freshly baked scones, your business will definitely bring the expected result.

Large size bun portends even greater success in business.

To eat bun dreaming about a pleasant household cares or excellent health.

When in the dream you are someone treated their rolls, you have come to the aid of your friends, which will need to urgently come up with a solution.

Cut the buns in a dream – it is not worth to throw money on the wind, because soon they will be useful for important things.

To dream of scones stale – before acquiring uninteresting for you, but very high-paying positions.

Esoteric dream book

Buns can dream to the fulfillment of the sacred desires, about which you dream for a long time.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

Bought buns in the dream – get ready for future profits.

Cut the buns – the dream promises you the savings.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

To the successful conduct of the business dream of beautiful Golden muffin.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

You will have to wait just a pleasant event, if you had a bun.

When you had to eat a muffin, waiting for the ambulance a considerable profit.

Saw in a dream that someone absorbs the bun, so, in reality, the people close to you will get the wealth that will get you to your destiny.

If you bought a roll, so create your own happiness.

When you yourself baked in the dream rolls, expect in the near future a lot of trouble, which, however, will be a nice as a result of a considerable monetary rewards.

If in the dream someone else was baked buns, so your worries will take care of your friend.

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