To dream of a mouse – what does it mean

Some give birth to himself mice as Pets, and some throws in horror at the sight of them. And what dream mouse? That’s what it tells of different dreams.

What dream mouse

What dream mouse

Russian folk dream interpretation

The interpretation of the mouse in a dream can be different, it all depends on how you treat this animal.

When seeing in a dream a mouse in reality, there is a small risk of problems and manifestations of sad feelings for anyone.

A modern dream book

Seen in a dream mouse can attest to the fact that you have a enemy that is not issue.

You beheld a mouse in a dream – in reality wait for happiness, joy, luck in overcoming the obstacle.

A very auspicious symbol, a white mouse in a dream.

When you tried to catch the beast, will be a great Outlook and a good matchmaking.

In a dream you managed to catch the mouse will be able to take revenge cheated on you or feel satisfaction from passionate feelings.

Eating a mouse means that it is necessary to apply with caution because the high probability of a dangerous situation.

Dead mouse in a dream foretells sadness.

Noticed in the dream device for catching mice – wait, that someone will try to discredit you. Set the trap with your hands – a warning: make sure you yourself and not give a reason to gossip to invent unprecedented hardship.

To unpleasant moments in life, sorrows, bad news and visiting the house of the thief – that’s what dreams bat.

Killed a bat – get rid of serious danger or illness.

To see a mouse in a dream – a considerable amount was dreaming of mice foretells financial gain.

Family dream book

To dream of a mouse – to a completely insincere behavior of friends and the appearance of disagreement with his family. This dream does not Bode well for business people.

In the dream you killed a mouse, then reality will be able to defeat all enemies. The mouse managed to escape is now impossible positive result of the rivalry with enemies.

When the mouse saw in a dream a young girl when in reality she should be more careful and to notice the enemies who seek to drag her into foul play.

In the dream the little mouse crept to your feet – in reality, you should think about going to the Mall and go shopping, because soon can significantly increase the price.

When the mouse is sleeping in the dream – with your kids, their health, and friendship are all excellent.

Before blooming loved one unpleasant gossip about you – that’s what you dream of white mouse.

Mouse gray or black in color promise a life without any changes.

Dreamed of mice from Monday to Tuesday, so you’re trying to hide from your own any information. And yet you are gossiping.

Women’s dream book

Saw in a dream a mouse? This portends trouble at home and insincere attitude of your comrades. It is likely that business will return in an unexpected way.

Killed in a dream mouse – wait for victory over enemies. But if she managed to escape – don’t expect a quick victory, and it is possible that the struggle with the enemies will go, with varying success.

The young girl, noticing his outfit mouse will in reality participate in a scandal where she plays the main role.

Small dream book of Veles

Had a mouse in reality means that you in loss, illness, unhappy moments in life, the ridicule of envious people.

You caught a mouse in a dream – soon you will have a daughter.

Mouse bat predict different bad circumstances and death.

If the dream of a cat chasing mice – you may have to deal with the hassle of running from evil people.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

In the dream the mouse is a symbol of shrewdness, intelligence and at the same time weakness. Flying the mouse represents darkness and blindness. However, the common people believed that such mice can warn of approaching happiness and success.

If in the dream the cat ran after the mouse, in reality you will be lucky to get around serious danger.

You fed the mouse – it is better to treat people with a lot of patience, especially to those that are weaker than you. Perhaps the time will come when they will be able to help you.

If you beheld how set a trap on a mouse, you will be smart, creative and get out of a difficult situation brilliantly.

In the dream you caught a mouse or even killed him – in reality, you do the difficult thing that will be to your shoulder only thanks to the courage.

Will be able to quickly get rid of most problems if you had a lot of mice.

Bat predicts you the ability to adapt to the circumstances, subject to many dangers.

Beheld the flight bat – know that dreams come true, and the work begun long ago, successfully completed.

Dream Interpretation Of Nostradamus

Before the hostilities, famine and death dream of a whole herd of mice.

Mouse dead predicts the difficulty of Finance.

You were attacked by bats in a dream – in reality wait for the manifestation of the forces of evil.

A dream where you lure with it bat, means that you need to behave calmly and patiently, to prevent the development of dangerous events.

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