What does it mean to dream of mountains

What dream mountain peaks? Dream books of different countries and ages interpret it differently.

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What does a dream about mountains

Idiomatic dream book

The height – sign of the possibilities that await ahead, uplifting, bright emotions and feelings.

To rise up means to come closer to the desired, descend to get away from him.

The American dream

The interpretation depends on how is the hill in relation to the person:

  • To see her in front means to face unexpected obstacles in achieving the desired.
  • Stand on it to reach the goal.
  • To fall with it – to lose the battle with life’s circumstances.

Different dream books see the mountains that arise in the human mind, in different ways.

Alphabet of dreams

Dream about the mountains can be interpreted in different ways. To climb means to achieve success in anything. Drop a load off means to relax, to end the worries and turmoil. «A mountain of ideas or things» – the abundance, availability in large quantity. In contrast, the metaphor «to be on a volcano» means to worry, to trouble.

Oriental dream book

To see yourself on top of the means to achieve success, obtain a high position. The farther you are from land, the more prosperity is waiting for you soon.

Muslim dream interpretation

A dream about the rocky mountains that you climb from last forces, does not promise anything good. You have to achieve only with great difficulty. Most likely, your aspirations will be unachievable due to spontaneous adverse circumstances. To rectify the situation by educating the patient and philosophical attitude to the difficulties.

English dream interpretation

The image of mountains is recognized very common, so it is not given a Central meaning. More importantly, what is happening in the background of a mountainous landscape.

If you see a man at the top, so it is unattainable for you. If any object falls down, then you can easily become its owner.

A dream in which you roll down a mountain, symbolizes your fear to fail or to health problems. If the top cover you horizon and you strive to overcome them, it’s time for self-realization.

Italian dream

Eastern sages believe that to dream of the mountains – to change. If you descend from them, a difficult period behind us, in the near future you will find solace and relief. If you go up, you are suffering.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Mountain landscape in a dream – a sign of hard work ahead.

Snowy mountains in a dream means that you are unlikely to be able to cope with obstacles on the way to the desired.

Climb to the top is to face serious difficulties on the path to success; to feel a sense of fear on the road to achieve career growth; to descend quickly to get rid of worries; to fall from the top to make a fortune a constant companion in all Affairs.

Life or a walk against a mountain landscape to make a profit, prosperity and abundance.

If you have seen the mountain slope there are no trees and grass is a bad sign, it means possible danger. If this method hallucinated young lady, she’s worth a closer look to your boyfriend. Perhaps he is fraught with selfish intent.

Children’s dream book

Mountain – a symbol of mystery and life force. Ancient peoples believed that she has a special energy and treasure, and at its foot there was forbidden to visit the place.

Mountain – a symbol of the human aspirations. To climb it is to seek conceived, to reach the top to get what you want. If you can’t climb to the top, despite all the efforts, your plans will not materialize because of the negative impact of external forces.

If you see a mountain river, which drains down in your life, begins the period of worries and troubles, do not lead to goal achievement. The work will not bring you satisfaction, but such a hectic time didn’t last long.

If your path is blocked by a chain of mountains, which is a desired come true. If the chain stretches along the road you will have good luck and the schemes.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

If you see in a dream the mountain tops, you need to understand that the good you have done for others past and to build a plan for the future.

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