What does it mean to see mosquitoes in my sleep

What have mosquitoes?

what have mosquitoes

What have mosquitoes

Star dream interpretation

A mosquito to a sleeping person can symbolize a person who get bored with their conversations and it is hard to get rid of.

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

If in your dreams you seemed pursues a mosquito, it is likely that in real life you are surrounded by hostile people. Mosquito bites portend sickness and secrecy. Strangers will try to hinder you, to unsettle you. They will succeed, because the patience of any person is boundless. If you managed to kill in a dream of a mosquito, in real life the obstacle in front of you disappear, all obstacles will be overcome, and by secret enemies will be able to get rid of. Now the sleeping person would only have to enjoy the tranquility.

Home dream interpretation

In this dream flying in close proximity to mosquitoes symbolize the annoying people who did not manage to get rid of. It’s like they’re trying to get into your life, to ferret out all the secrets.

The Jewish dream book

This interpreter of dreams characterizes the mosquito depending on which period of life he had. If you had a swarm of mosquitoes in the spring, you should be ready to face small troubles which you can solve. Mosquitoes in the summer time mean to the dreamer in the company of friends, which he discusses and rebukes. In the autumn mosquitoes to the sleeping man talk about mood swings. In reality it will annoy every detail. Seen the winter gnat warns against people who are scheming and gossiping behind your back.

Magical dream interpretation

Mosquitoes in a dream – to trouble. If the dreamer was able to suppress this annoying insect, it is waiting for the luck for real. A mosquito bite says petty offense, which will soon be forgotten. If in the dream a man watches a swarm of mosquitoes, it is likely that in real life he will bother relatives or good friends.

Akulina Dream Interpretation

Mosquito and other such population is in dreams in order to indicate the possibility of overcoming difficult obstacles. Perhaps an opportune moment. If you kill a mosquito in your sleep did not work, then you need to imagine how you caught him in a trap and killed. So you need to overcome obstacles, avoiding all obstacles. Get rid of the annoying gnat or mosquito is to get rid of the problem, to solve a controversial issue, about which you dream.

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