Had a monster – what does it mean?

What to expect if you had a monster?

the monster in the dream

A monster in a dream — for what?

Star dream interpretation

The monster in this dream is a sign of insanity. If such a strange dream was for women, she will become the object of harassment.

Magical dream interpretation

If you think that you dreamt about a monster that scared the hell out of you, then it is likely you have fears and even phobias in real life. When you manage to hide from the monster, the reality of it may mean trouble, the arrival of the troubles in your home. If the monster still manages to win and it disappears, all the problems can melt away in an instant, if you work on them.

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

To see a monster in a dream can the dreamer, who will encounter trouble, become the witness of any event. If this monster is like stalking you, you should lay low, perhaps it is a warning of danger. Some time you spend in sorrow. If the monster managed to hit, then either your problem will be solved. Enemies no need to be afraid.

Home dream interpretation

A monster can dream of the man who doubts and is afraid of something. If a monster is chasing in his sleep his sacrifice, it represents the anxiety of a sleeping person. Perhaps you should wait a bit and get himself into trouble. If a monster managed to kill, then deal with the negativity can quickly.

Akulina Dream Interpretation

If you are scared of the monster, then it can mean sadness and unhappiness. Much more serious is the tragic death of a friend. To fulfill this dream and get rid of fear, you must imagine that the monster won’t hurt you, but you can feel free to kill him.

English dream interpretation

In this dream fabulous monster represents human fears. People are afraid of monsters, since those have tentacles, sharp fangs, which drip with venom that can kill. It seems that this monster poses a grave danger and to kill him is very difficult. Only if in real life you have to conquer your own fears, and cope with some of the problems will be able without difficulties. Is only something to do, and not sit idly by. Perhaps there are several options to resolve the situation.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

Often the monster is presented to the dreamer some being of enormous size, from which you do not know what to expect. In life people need to stop being afraid of personal emotional impulses. You should pay attention to the color of the monster in the dream. Yellow says about the offense, and red – of anger.

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