The monkey in dreams

To dream of a monkey – what is it? To the machinations of enemies or the upcoming fun? Learn in this article.

What dreams APE dream interpretation

What dreams APE dream interpretation

Women’s dream book

A monkey in a dream foretells that you will encounter the insincere, hypocritical people who try to use you for their own benefit. To dream a monkey so soon to face a family illness or ill yourself.

To see a dead monkey you will be able to eliminate their enemies. For a young married woman of the apes phenomenon — a reason to be suspicious, perhaps the husband is having an affair. Feed the monkey to trust the people who don’t deserve it.

Russian dream book

In this dream, the monkey represents laziness, meanness, dual nature. To meet her in a dream – to get acquainted with a man that will give you a lot of trouble.

Family dream book

If you dream of a monkey, then you are overly confident, although in reality your business is not very good. If the monkey sitting on a palm tree, soon you will have to join a new team. Some monkeys playing with each other – to unexpected events.

To play with the monkey – your friends have a reason not to trust you, this dream promises a marriage of convenience, a relationship with a man for personal gain. Kill the monkey – soon you will make a cruel act, which you will be sorry.

Esoteric dream book

What dreams monkey, according to this dream? To adultery, for a woman this dream is a reason to pay attention to the husband, if the monkey the man saw that his companion was very clever.

Magical dream interpretation

The monkey symbolizes the qualities of character that you would like to hide from others. To be among monkeys subjected to ridicule from friends. According to this dream interpretation, if little monkey climbs a palm tree, you will have a rival at work.

To see a dead monkey is a complicated situation will resolve itself. A young girl dreams of APE in the case if the chosen one doesn’t trust her and wants to test the strength of their relationship.

To see monkeys jumping through the trees, in the near future will have a lot of work, but this work will not bring results. If a woman sees in her dream that her favorite is playing with the monkey, he’s thinking about breaking. To convince him of her feelings, is to accept the offer of marriage. To meet a monkey on the street in a dream promises a new acquaintance. To lend the monkey a treat for your back up to something.

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