Can dream of a monk, dream interpretation

Met on the street or in the temple monks, people are starting to think about the meaning of life and of eternity. The man who devoted his entire life to God, a matter of respect, if he did it sincerely. The interpretation of dreams, in which was the image of the monk, is very different. In some cases, a monk in a dream mean loneliness or longing, others have inner wisdom and spiritual power.

What dreams monk dream?

What dreams monk dream?

Summer dream

If you see in a dream a monk, be alone.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

Appeared in a dream to the monk symbolizes the inaction and wistful expectation. To be in a dream a monk for a short stagnation in his personal life.

Family dream book

If a deeply religious man sees in a dream a nun, it warns him of his worldly possessions. Otherwise, the material joys will be in the first place, and spiritual feelings to cool down.

Erotic dream book

If a man sees in a dream a monk, he will quarrel with his sweetheart and divorced her. For women the interpretation of this dream quite the opposite: she’ll meet an attractive man who is affectionate and passionate.

English dream interpretation

A young girl who saw herself in a dream in the image of a nun, you have to be very careful with her boyfriend. This dream suggests that she will be disappointed in love, even to despair. But it will make it strong.

Ukrainian dream book

Monk is a favorable dream. This suggests that you will be surrounded by good people. If a woman dreamt that she became a nun, her lover change her. If you see in a dream a lot of nuns engaged in work, it’s good.

The Dream Miller

Look at monk, his eyes to discord and quarrels between family members. If such a dream saw a woman, that it unfairly slandered. If you were a monk or a nun, you will lose someone close to you or get sick.

The newest dream book

If you dream you talked with the nun, it is a sign for you that you need to visit the graves of your loved ones. Also, this dream can mean a family quarrel or a disappointment in love.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

In the dream, to see monk in a gesture of warning. You should not neglect to made the case, or you fail. If you saw a monk hard at work, your dreams will become a reality. A conversation with a monk – to the changes in life. If a woman will see a lot of old nuns, so she will outlive her husband and will remain a widow. If the man in the dream had intimacy with a nun, he loses the acquired condition.

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