What dream of money, especially large?

To see money in a dream – to good news or trouble? Different interpreters in their own way interpret such dreams. Coin or banknote could portend different events depending on what number you saw in a dream the money, where they came from looked like, and which left the sensation of sight. To understand that portends sleep, read all the dream books. Perhaps your vision is eternal, and it will bring good luck and wealth, or, conversely, warn against thoughtless and reckless actions.

while you sleep

Giving money in a dream, what is it?

Dream Interpretation Adaskina

This interpreter offers to interpret the dream as a reality. If you found the money, the dream foretells improvement in the financial condition of the beginning of a comfortable life. Conversely, if money had something bad happen, they are lost or damaged, then, ahead of a series of worries, problems and misfortunes.

  • Short of a large amount of unplanned costs.
  • To steal in a dream the money – trouble.
  • To consider banknotes and / or coins to financial ruin.
  • To borrow – quarrels with relatives over money and accusations of greed.

Russian dream book

Russian commentators believed that if you see copper money, sleep will not bring nothing but poverty and misery, and to receive the award or prize is to live in poverty for a long time.

  • Small coins – to the petty squabbles and troubles.
  • Bathe in luxury – will have to pay for a moment of weakness.
  • Rowing money with a shovel – to get rich quick.
  • To spend money to ill-advised purchase.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

This dream explains that to dream of money – the hassle and trouble. But the situation may change depending on what coin or banknote.

  • Small – to frustration and tears.
  • Copper – to deception.
  • Golden – profits.
  • Silver – to quarrels.
  • Paper to the good news.
  • The metal – poor love relationships.

Small dream book of Veles

Seeing money in a dream means that in the near future to get some news. If you saw yourself believe the money might get news of the birth of a child, and promises to give a certain amount in debt – to lose that last forever. Gold and silver money of the – dream, promising profit, success and implementation of the plan.

Gypsy dream book

In the Gypsy dream book money is a sign of wealth in life. But there are several interpretations of dreams, when sleep see notes on trees:

  • Flowering trees with the money – all the bad things behind.
  • Dry trees of frustration and concern.
  • Trees with fruits – wealth, income, inheritance.
  • To cut down trees – to lose something very dear.
  • To climb the tree – the path to power and power.

Dream interpretation of the writer Aesop

This dream interpretation explains what you have money. It is believed that if you saw in a dream a pack of paper money, then you can expect trouble. But if your bills loaned, and the debtor is not in a hurry to return, probably, soon this person will appear in your life. In addition, giving money in debt – to quarrel with each other.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

Famous prophetess Vanga connected dreams in which dreams of money, with negative and positive events. It is so treated, what have a lot of money to you think is a generous man; torn – soon there will be trouble and misery; list – greed will not bring you good luck; to give money in a dream – obstacles in the complex case.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

  • To obtain to spend a large amount.
  • A false – loss.
  • Big bills – of the earnings.
  • Win – adding to the family.
  • Lend – disappointment and unnecessary hassle.

Dream interpretation of psychologist D. Lofa

The analyst believed that dreams in which the sleeping person sees money, indicate his desire to possess them. But it is important to know how to interpret dreams. Special attention should be paid to what you do with the bills or coins and who are you this time around. If you dream you receive a large sum, remember the person who gives them, most likely, he will be able to assist you in your tangled Affairs. Conversely, sleep «give money» can mean that someone who you got really needs.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

  • To give or to give loyal friendship and good relations of others.
  • To lose and find to job loss, financial success and failure.
  • Consider – the high costs and poverty.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Dreams related to financial problems, talking about the need to pay close attention to the material aspect of life. If you saw in a dream the bills and want to know what dream paper money, carefully read the interpretation:

  • brothers – get help or best offer;
  • to give – to disappointment;
  • to hold the patronage of an important person;
  • torn or dirty money – fear of betrayal, the inevitable suffering and disease.

It is believed that iron money, and especially copper, are sure to bring misfortune, tears and quarrels. But if what is happening in the dream was associated with the currency in the near future lucrative job offer, a deal or business trip.

  • To spend expectations of a new relationship.
  • To lose, search for, and find a way out of a difficult situation will be found.
  • To take unnecessary anxiety.
  • Win – a good, pleasant, but short-lived events.
  • Pick up from the ground or floor to bankruptcy and loss of wealth.
  • To pay – possible insidious plan on the part of colleagues.
  • To steal towards revealing the insidious plans of enemies.
  • Away – to the problems and strife.
  • To embezzle money to lose a close friend.
  • A dead man gives bills – warning of danger.

Dream interpretation about money helps us to understand how to behave in the moment, and what to do to maintain financial stability.

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