What have moles

Moles in dreams often mean any danger. This can be seen in the analogy with real life: a large number of moles on your body indicates a high risk of skin cancer. But in some cases dreams about the mole could portend happiness, meeting with loved ones or the birth of another family member.

What dreams nevus, dream interpretation

What dreams nevus, dream interpretation

Autumn dream interpretation

If you’re in a dream saw a big mole, sick your father or mother.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

If you dream long and carefully examined a mole or birthmark of the big sizes on your skin, rejoice. So you have a relative who is financially secure and has a great influence in society. It is to you, so in difficult times you can count on his help. But if on the body you had a lot of moles, you will suffer great misfortune.

If you dream you saw your mole, the surgeons removed it is a good sign. You will be able to outdo their enemies and avoid danger. If in the dream you removed the mole yourself, think what you are doing wrong. Most likely, you give your enemies an occasion on which they are spreading about you the gossip and evil rumors.

What have moles that are right before your eyes appear on the body, is a warning about choosing friends. Many people want to engage with your friendships or even relationships, but some of them want it for their own interests and their own benefit. A mole on the forehead to the deterioration of health or infectious diseases.

To tear off in his sleep mole – a bad sign. Your relatives, «please» you bad news, resulting in your relationship will give a great crack.

Spring dream interpretation

The interpretation of the dream about the birthmark, you’ll meet a native person, who had not seen.

Esoteric dream book

Birthmark large size suggests that you need to be alert. At any moment, you can catch the danger.

The newest dream book

If you had a mole that suddenly appeared on the skin, wait for a pleasant surprise. Remove moles or birthmarks to dermatological disease.

A modern dream book

If you dream you saw a mole on the place where it in reality is not, expect a joyful reunion with their relatives. Nevus of large sizes – the trouble with family. If a pregnant woman was trying in the dream, some way to remove the mole, so be ready to hard and prolonged labor.

Summer dream

In the summer sleeper mole foretells that your family will be a new person.

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