Dream interpretation: dreamt of a ditch

If you had a dream, which featured a moat, be prepared for a quick betrayal, perhaps someone close to you will cause you strong resentment. Sometimes people see themselves at the ditch stand at the very edge of the cliff. Here you need to remember your feelings. Fear was absent – will have to cope with what on the way to their goal, but in the end it will be achieved. Felt the fear, the numbness – most likely, you will not be able to cope with difficulties.

What dreams moat dream interpretation

What dreams moat dream interpretation

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

A deep ditch – the need to overcome a dangerous test surprises you, however, if you refuse to fight, will not be able to be truly happy. Drop into the moat – a large probability of occurrence of the trouble. Try to protect yourself from hazardous accidents.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

Sometimes the psyche itself generates certain images, making the person dream of the moat. The value depends on the concept of dreaming:

  1. The moat is able to symbolize the unwillingness of the dreamer to enter into a close relationship. Of course in this case the man himself personally builds up or dig the ditch deeper. Of these actions you can perform: what you need to do to move on to a new stage of relations.
  2. Perhaps you should have more faith in people. The ditch may indicate that it is necessary not just to observe people, but also to communicate with them.
  3. The moat symbolize an emotional barrier, if we consider the dream from a spiritual point of view.

Dream Interpretation A. Surovoy

The main conclusions of the dreaming:

  1. To see the moat is to realize the appearance of danger, to avoid which is very difficult.
  2. Had a moat on the eve of the travel – there’s a good chance that happens on the road event or disaster.
  3. Had to jump a ditch or find a way which you can deceive this obstacle, – you have to cope with all problems, if you show ingenuity and effort.
  4. Fell into a pit from a great height and can’t get out – on the way to achieving the goal you will fall too many problems, you will not be able to cope with them. The result will not reach the desired.

Usually seen in a dream that moat means that all your aspirations and plans for any reason cannot be realized. You can not cope with the problem alone, so you should use the help of others or change the goal to lighter. If the dream ended successfully, so you walked or jumped over the obstacle, luck is on your side.

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