What is dream of mirror

The mirror is a mysterious object. It is often possible to see something mysterious. What does it mean, appearing in my dream? Every dream the appearance of the mirror interprets in his own way.

The mirror in the dream

A mirror in a dream — for what?

English dream interpretation

Looking in the mirror is a warning. In their cases rather you are guided by feelings and emotions than common sense. The time has come to appeal to rationality, otherwise you risk losing everything.

Very soon you find that in your environment, someone is plotting evil against you. If you can soberly assess the situation and the people, it is easy to calculate the enemy. Just don’t let yourself not to believe their eyes. Most likely it will be someone close.

A mirror in a dream warns lovers of men about the presence of the treacherous secret rival, who is trying to take their place in the life of a loved one.

Oriental dream book

You expected change, which can be very deep and serious.

To dream of a broken mirror is a bad sign. Soon your hopes just smashed to pieces.

Children’s dream book

Often the appearance of a mirror in a dream means that you need to look at yourself. It is important that you see it at the same time, what I feel. If you’re happy, enjoy, rejoice – so, in reality, made up of internal harmony. If the soul is restless, the picture scares you, is alarming is necessary to analyze their condition. Perhaps you are jealous of someone or want evil.

Imperial dream book

Dream of mirror – what is it? Hard to say for sure. Dreams show the inner state of a person, his attitude towards others and yourself. On their basis we can conclude that the need to change in your life and attitudes.

To see your image from the past is to accept yourself with all faults and defects.

Your own face is usually stated in this form, as it was without RAID only players, gained over many years. This is the true «I» – so is your soul. You yourself did not like – you need to work on ourselves to change and improve.

To see the image of the future is waiting for you, if nothing will change, continue to move in the selected direction.

To feel an aversion to her reflection – you have chosen the right way, which takes time and effort, but the results are not encouraging.

In the mirror instead of you impact someone else’s – are commanded you, and plant your thoughts.

Italian dream

What may be a dream mirror? Look to your friends and colleagues. Some of them are wrongly convinced they are right and can do much harm.

Veles dream book

Girl a mirror in a dream predicts a quick meeting with the bridegroom.

Young women are big changes.

Look in the mirror – the arrival of the disease, unpleasant news.

To dream of a large mirror in which you reflect a whole – an illness. Listen to yourself, you may already be sick.

Lost a mirror to grief.

Presented before the wedding.

Family dream book

What a dream mirror in which you look? The unrest, misunderstanding.

The presence of the mirror – someone wants to cheat you, scheming. Women it predicts the possibility of divorce.

What a dream to break the mirror? Someone is waiting for the sickness or even death.

Young woman it portends failures in his personal life.

Lover, reflected in the mirror and pale, your engagement will not lead to the planned wedding. If he is satisfied and happy, your differences will end soon, relations will be strengthened.

A modern dream book

You will find many unexpected and very pleasant events.

The animals in the mirrors signify the imminent disappointment of possible failure in various fields.

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