What does a dream in which you see the milk?

The subconscious mind often helps people to solve some difficult situations, «palming» it while you sleep or completely different fantastic household pictures. If the correct approach to the solution of the dream, we can make the necessary adjustments in real life. If you saw milk in a dream – what could it mean, what «talks» to your subconscious?

what dream milk

What dream milk

Women’s dream book

The woman saw a dream in which she drinks this drink is a favorable sign. If a lot of milk and it is good quality health will be strengthened, will come financial well-being. And to take a bath of milk to the fun in the company of friends.

But if the milk is sour – the dreamer expects concern for their loved ones.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

What dreams milk dream interpretation according to Medea? If you dream that you are drinking life-giving drink, then wait for the joy in life and fulfillment of all desires, success and achievement of goals.

Give milk to whom? It is a sign of future success in love, prosperity in family life.

Ukrainian dream book

To dream of the Cup or jug with milk – to make a profit. To drink cow’s milk – wait for a change in health status (better).

The drink is soured it is to gossip.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Buy milk in a dream according to the interpretation of this dream – not a good sign: you have after such a dream to beware of deception.

Decided to boil the drink? Perhaps you make a mistake. Be careful!

The newest dream book

If a young woman saw a dream in which there’s milk, she can prepare for the imminent pregnancy.

If such a dream sees a person suffering from illness, it is waiting for a recovery. All the milk in a dream – a sign of good health.


The milk is sour – quarrel with women.

Going to buy a bag of milk in a dream? Beware: you will be deceived.

The Dream Miller

What a dream to drink milk? According to Miller’s dream book – wealth, and for gardeners and farmers – for a good harvest. If you are going on a trip – a dream tells about the success and fortune that await you on the way.

If the drink is fermented, be careful in your friends lives: you will worry for them, perhaps they will require your participation.

Esoteric dream book

If you spill milk in the family will be understanding. If you have the disease will be left behind. But if you just look at a glass of milk in the future a possible meeting with a dangerous stranger.

Oriental dream book

Milk drinks having to profits and prosperity. If the dreamer bathes in milk – wait for progress and prosperity.

Dream Interpretation Longo

To know what you dreamed of milk, the dream book Longo. So, if you buy it, expect a promotion. This can be sure that you have enough forces to assume new responsibilities. But the responsibility will increase.

Islamic dream interpretation

People that drink in the dream, milk, reality will gain knowledge, wisdom and wealth.

In General, milk is a good sign: no wonder in Russian fairy tales the good characters often get in the way rivers of milk and honey.

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