What dream military?

Dreams related to the war, the fighting, the soldiers indicate that in your life there are many restrictions. Strict discipline in the home or at work bothers you feel free man. It is necessary to reconsider, to find the time to relax, take a vacation. Subconscious signals – the situation is tense, changes are needed.

What have the military, the dream

What have the military, the dream

The details of the dream

You are the defender of the Fatherland in a dream or spoke to such a person? He took you in a good way, or threatened? All these details affect the consequences – the interpretation favourable to you.

Having the military in large numbers – boring life, longing. You do not have enough diversity.

Prisoner of war – the wedding, moving, changing residence.

The military must be in a dream – squabbles in the family, quarrel with wife, husband.

Army – a conflict that ends happily, the end of enmity.

To wear a helmet, clothing–, money, success, obtaining great benefits.

To hold a gun, a spear, a sword and a promotion at work, change of official position in a better way.

To dream of the military on the battlefield – get ready to meet the challenges of life, the attacks of enemies, battle for your happiness.

To be among the soldiers, feeling hungry and hurt, happiness, success, and happiness.

An officer in ammunition – hostility, open confrontation.

Military exercises – successful completion of cases.

Skirmish soldiers, fight – night RAID, robbery, sudden attack.

If to you dreams, a young military with great poise and manners – you will find a crazy affair with a soldier, romantic meetings, pleasant conversations.

The title of the military

Try to remember in what rank was the soldier from a dream – the private or the commander of the troops. What position he held?

Military officer – in life you will be faced with violence. You broke the law or are poorly performed his work, will experience strong anxiety, anxiety because of this.

Police officer – you are plagued by dark premonitions.

Soldier – a nuisance, a nuisance.

Watch the post – joy, fun, entertainment.

The General patronage of the powerful. Who will help you settle the case, to resolve issues.

For boys-military of the dreamer in the dream – to call in the army. For a grown woman – you will have a lot of supporters. For unmarried girls for a wedding, and if in dreams you married a soldier, then your marriage life will not be easy.

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