What dreams metro

Subway – crowds of people, trains, platforms and crossings. What dreams metro? The answer will give the most popular dream books.

Dream subway in the dream, dream interpretation

Dream subway in the dream, dream interpretation

A modern dream book

Do you see yourself in the familiar metro station or in the subway – your hopes for a positive solution to the problem will be in vain.

Fell asleep in the car? Be careful: in reality you are in danger of being robbed.

Far and a long drive – bad sign: your strong love will remain unanswered. For girls, this dream can mean that she will never marry.

To see a crowd of hurrying people – you expect the contract or the execution of important documents.

Dodge the fare, while experiencing a sense of shame, unpleasant conversation with the leadership.

Oriental dream book

Had metro – surrounds you everyday, you are in need of bright feelings.

You became ill in the car, dizzy – are you tired of the daily worries and need rest.

You are lost and in vain search for the exit of the subway you have a significant event that can radically change your life, but you are afraid that these changes will make things worse.

Alphabet of dreams

If you see yourself going down the escalator down, you are waiting for disappointment, attempts to improve failing business fail. Conversely, if you rise, your efforts will be rewarded soon you climb the corporate ladder or find a more prestigious status.

You dreamt that you were in an accident and can’t get out of the car or the tunnel – soon you will travel from where you first want to refuse, but it will become fatal.

A long trip portends a difficult task that requires many small worries.

Home dream interpretation

Metro: home-dream interpretation and regarded it as a symbol of connection with the subconscious mind. You go underground, you need to deal with their inner fears and desires.

Metro: a dream. Lost and can’t find the exit – you are in a state of mental confusion, confusion. Can’t get on the train in your business disturb your inner fears and doubts. See yourself at the end station – you have to make a choice between two opposite things.

Magical dream interpretation

See yourself entering the subway – are you ready to try a new, unusual case.

Up the escalator – you will find a way out of difficult situations.

Ride the subway – to participate in shady business.

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