To collect mercury in a dream – what a dream

Mercury is a dangerous substance for health. In childhood, we were all warned that we do not accidentally broke a medical thermometer with mercury. In dreams mercury is also often foreshadows danger, alarm or distress.

Autumn dream interpretation

mercury in a dream

Mercury in a dream — interpretation

Mercury in dreams – you will soon develop the disease of unknown origin. But the disease quickly will be consequences to your health.

Such a dream warns you of the impending danger. It appears so suddenly that you won’t be able to suspect.

Dream Interpretation Adaskina

Balls of mercury scattered on the floor, mark a bad change in life. Be prepared to endure all the blows of fate with dignity. If a woman in a dream breathed the life-threatening mercury vapor and was poisoned, then in real life she would have a long time to live away from her husband and children.

If you dream you saw the mercury, expect anxiety or sudden twists of fate.

Women’s dream book

To collect mercury in a dream – a symbol of misfortune. In life come a black stripe. If a woman sees in a dream that she was poisoned by mercury, so be ready for separation from her husband and children. Circumstances develop so that she would have forced to lead a lonely life away from family.

Dream interpretation-2012

Mercury in a dream warns you that you are not rushed at all that glitters and shimmers. Be careful not to make a mistake.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

Mercury in a dream – to trouble and change for the worse. Spill mercury – separation from loved ones. To see spilled mercury on the floor – get ready for the harsh blows of fate. Be prepared for the worst. Most likely, anything good in your life at the moment is not assumed.

A dream in which mercury appears, warning you that you in the next few days will go some spoiled food.

You have something stolen, but the thief manages to escape. To punish the guilty will fail.

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

This is a warning dream. If you had a dream, try to change your destiny. This dream suggests that in the next period of time you can expect a lot of trouble, trouble, fuss and even panic. But there is no need to fuss and panic. Remember, this only aggravates the situation and does not provide sober reason. To make the right decision, you need to be calm. If you are able to concentrate on the problem and trying to solve it in a calm atmosphere, you will find a better solution.

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