What dreams menstruation

Events seen in dreams, are sometimes treated with unusual side. For example, blood can be a sign of a terrible event, and a harbinger of meetings with blood relatives. A dream books agree that this vision is a warning of deterioration of health. Do not tighten with a visit to the doctor. To understand what dreaming about the process of menstruation, be aware of all the events seen sleep.

dream interpretation menstruation

What dreams menstruation

Unexpected monthly

Menstruation is an integral cycle, which periodically occurs in a woman’s body. However, if during sleep the process began suddenly, moreover is accompanied by copious bleeding, is a warning about loss. And we can talk about the death of relatives, loss of faith in themselves or a long-term relationship.

The blood trickling down her legs

If you dream you noticed that the legs flowing menstrual blood, try in reality to avoid bad deeds. Improper behavior will lead to very unfortunate consequences, which in advance prevents sleep.

The delay period

When you dream, what expected period are not available, then in life you find yourself in a difficult situation, the output of which will have to find yourself. Moreover, relatives and friends can not refuse to help, and you do not want to use it.

A dream about menstruation during pregnancy

If the future mother will see dreams about menstruation, dream interpretation books say that is a good sign. The pregnancy is progressing well, childbirth would be easy, and the baby the parents will enjoy the health and harmonious development.

Dirty clothes with blood

Had a dream that menstrual blood visible on clothing or furniture? Try to be honest with myself, perhaps, your conscience is not quite clear. You must make amends and fix the situation, until the truth became obvious.

See personal care items

If you dream you saw a feminine hygiene products, so sometimes you show excessive curiosity, which is not very like the others. Try to stop intervening in the Affairs of others and takes care of his own life.

Don’t forget that for the correct interpretation of dreams is important, not only the plot but also experienced emotions. Correct interpretation will allow to avoid troubles and will eliminate possible problems with loved ones.

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