What dream of men’s pants, dream interpretation

Read the downers: these pants can mean anything. But the interpretation depends on the details of the dream, so they all play a huge role.

pants in the dream

To dream of men’s pants

Spring dream interpretation

If the girl dreamed that she irons pants, let is preparing for the imminent marriage. The interpretation of this dream unfavorable to women, possibly destroyed a family. If the man in the dream, ironed pants, even waiting for a date.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If a woman or girl’s dream pants, leaving her with benefit and success. For men, the interpretation can be different. Pants in a dream – the probability of deception or fraud. If in the dream you wore pants, it demonstrates your self-confidence. If this article of clothing was lost wait for the ridicule, shame or any bad rumors about himself. So, too, are and torn pants. If they are made of bright fabric, you will be happy.

The Dream Miller

To dream of pants – a bad sign. You need to exercise caution. You, most likely, someone will be persuaded towards bad actions. To wear pants inside out – a sign that in the near future someone will enchant with its charm.

Oriental dream book

A dream in which man saw his pants, warns of the temptation to engage in profitable, but dishonest. To wear pants inside out – a bad sign. In the near future, such a person can easily deceive.

Dream Interpretation A. Smurova

If a married woman had the pants cut is a bad sign. If in the dream she wore men’s pants, so there’s a possibility of death of men. The woman must hold all the worries about the family on their shoulders.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

Fitting pants is also a bad sign. In the near future you will fool your family and friends. Sale or acquisition of the pants suggests that you sign an illegal deal. However, after some time you will be sorry. To sew or to sew pants in a dream – you put yourself in a hopeless situation.

To steam your own pants in the dream, you will have a great deal of effort to fix their reputation. If you have seen, as did the stranger, the interpretation will be slightly different. Your reputation will not fix you, but someone in your family or friends. And this will happen with great difficulty.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

Dream pants white color means that the person will realize their mistake and come out on the right path. If you dream that you put on them patches, expect problems with money.

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