What dreams melon?

Melon is one of the most delicious fruit among all that gives us earth. But, strangely enough, the response of the sleeper to the question, what dreams melon, is far from straightforward. She can dream up in those or other problems, but it may mean their complete opposite. «Melon» dream – that’s exactly the case when many people, so many opinions.

what dreams melon

What dreams melon?

Dream interpretation Wanderer interprets it as the harbinger of unexpected wealth and great fortune in love.

Had melon portend future disease and failure in business ventures. And if the woman in the dream was eating the melon, it should serve as a warning against committing reckless acts in the future, which may have for serious consequences.

Summer dream foretells anyone who enjoyed the melon in a dream, the same sweet life filled with happiness and fulfillment of all desires.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

Had melon allows to hope for improvement of life circumstances: if the one who dreamed such a dream, ill – it will recover if the lost work – will soon find its lost hope for the return of the debt will suddenly return money, etc.

The dream book of Miller agree the Female of the dreams that melon in a dream not sleeping promises nothing but bad luck and ill health. But if a person does not eat the melon and only sees her growing on the plantation, all right: this dream indicates that soon fortune will turn to him his smiling face and all your troubles will be immediately replaced by streak.

French dream book

The dream interpretation considers the melon to symbols of stupidity and incompetence. According to the French, the one she dreams of in the near future will become familiar with such people, so they do not envy.

Ukrainian dream book said that the interpretation of the dream with melon depends on its degree of ripeness: green portends sickness and poverty, the ripe is a great success.

Dream Interpretation Of Yuri Longo

Offers the opposite scenarios to those who came to dream of melon: in his opinion, in one case, it means that the dreamer frivolous person dreams to flit through the flowers of life, like a butterfly, and thus surrounds itself with a «problem area.» In another, on the contrary, like to eat melon in the dream, suffers from excessively low self-esteem and too demanding towards myself. Which of these options to choose is to judge someone who woke up with the taste of this fruit in your mouth.

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