What dreams Medusa

Watching the graceful movement of jellyfish, few people immediately recalls how dangerous are these amazing creatures. Some are associated with relaxation on the sea, others diving and dive into the underwater world. To understand what dream of jellyfish, it is necessary to analyze the circumstances and plot of the dream.

dream jellyfish

What dreams Medusa

Jellyfish in the water

He saw in a dream a beautiful jellyfish floating peacefully in the water, you should think about the sincerity of the relationship between you and a potential partner. Perhaps this relationship is only good visually, but the marriage will not bring happiness.

To swim and suddenly find themselves dangerous jellyfish warning. Any attempt to crank out an adventure and to seize the money, an evil way will result in failure and serious consequences. But if you admire the beautiful marine life, so expect a pleasant meeting that will lead to a passing romance.

To burn

You dream that you have become the victim of a jellyfish and got a nasty burn? This warning about the possible gossip and rumors, and defaming your reputation. Be careful in dealing with strangers and try not to share personal experiences.

If you dream you got burned, but not a trace of it left, get ready for an interesting meeting, which will cause a lot of positive emotions. However, if the skin appear blisters or redness, then such a meeting would lead to conflict.

Catch jellyfish

According to the interpretation of dreams fishing for jellyfish in a dream foretells a quick meeting with a good friend. However, if trying to catch a jelly-like creature was not a success, so in real life you picked the wrong target and all attempts to reach it will be in vain.

If you dream that you want to catch the jellyfish, but I’m afraid of possible burn, take in reality attention to their own health. Such a dream – a clear harbinger of serious diseases.

To see a dead creature

The deciphering of the dream, which featured a dead jellyfish, depends on the sex of the dreamer. Man this vision portends a meeting with an imperious lady, who will manage it. But for a woman this dream means victory over rival in love or business.

If you dream you saw the jellyfish killed by the rays of the sun, think about the strength of a marital relationship. Perhaps we should pay more attention to the family, if you do not want to lose loved ones.

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