Dream interpretation: to dream of a meadow

Green meadow in a dream leaves only positive emotions. The interpretation of such dreams in almost all the dream books the same: happiness, prosperity, joy, and love that will accompany your life. In rare cases, this dream may indicate the coming of sorrow.

What dream meadow in the dream?

What dream meadow in the dream?

Dream interpretation for the whole family

To dream of a meadow – a good sign. This dream promises prosperity. If you watched a large herd of animals grazing in a meadow, you will find financial stability and well-being.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Meadow colours, your life be sweet and full of enjoyment. If you were sitting on a green meadow and breathed in the fragrance of flowers, you will find a happy marriage. If Luke was scorched by the sun or fire, the house will need. If you dream you cut the grass, someone will lose.

English dream interpretation

If the lovers will dream that they are together walking on the green meadow, they will marry soon. The Cup of their happiness will not dry up over the years. They will be a comfortable home, good children and prosperity in all things.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Meadow in a dream – you will have the opportunity to relax from everyday Affairs and to defuse the situation.

Italian dream

To see far off base – you have great potential. You need to develop their talents and not to bury their talents in the ground.

Small dream book of Veles

The interpretation of the dream of a green meadow is good. It reminds you of what befell you after sorrow and unhappiness happiness will visit your home. Burnt under the scorching sun of the field – to poverty or disease. Grass in the meadow – to the death.

Dream interpretation of the past

Meadow, lush green means good luck, happiness and peace. Flowering meadow – you’ll soon find yourself in a very advantageous situation. Don’t miss your chance.

Children’s dream book

Meadow with juicy grass and fresh dreams to a large fortune. Others will give you his love and affection. Man, after seeing such dream, will have an extraordinary health and a positive attitude to life.

The dream dictionary from A to z

If in the dream you were walking through a meadow and collected a bouquet of fragrant flowers, be patient and wait for a bit. A little more, and your triumph will come the happiness, love and success. If you dream that you admire in the far meadow, standing on a haystack, you will be given long-forgotten debts. Stand in the meadow and enjoy the birds singing – a pleasant journey. To see the winter meadow, covered with snow, tells about the disease. To go across a meadow and see a snake, which is hiding in the thick foliage means the suffering from undeserved slander.

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