What does a dream about matchmaking?

SWAT, according to the traditional view, is a precursor of marriage, and cheerful festivities. But is it, if such a character appeared to you in the night visions? What dreams matchmaking?

what dreams matchmaking

What dreams matchmaking

A modern dream book

What dreams matchmaking – the interpretation depends on exactly who saw the dream. If a girl had a dream that came to Woo her, circumstances force her to make a decision that will alter her fate.

If a man sees that he came to Woo the girl, but he’s not familiar with it, it means that soon he will be the center of attention among the opposite sex. Also, this dream foretells a man frivolous connection, a superficial flirt.

To attend the matchmaking in life you’d like to prove to others their independence and firmness of nature.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If a man sees himself as a matchmaker or a woman sees herself as a matchmaker, and soon the life will turn so that they will have to do an unusual thing for yourself. However, such an enterprise will have some success.

Had a dream that woos your daughter or your son come to Woo, such a vision indicates to parents that it was time to let go of their long-grown children.

If a girl dreams that her matchmaker, but she doesn’t know who the groom is, it means that she’s too passionate about his feelings towards the man and sees them himself. This dream is a reminder that sometimes feelings are not eternal.

Women’s dream book

What dreams matchmaking in this dream, the dream should be considered as a good signal, if the girl sees the face of his fiancé. If she doesn’t know who is wooing her, soon she will have problems in his personal life, she will be disappointed in the choice. Perhaps a couple decides to divorce, especially if the relationship is in both the first.

The newest dream book

According to the dream book, courting your dream happens before the turning point in his career. Fear not, the changes will only be for the better: new job, higher salaries, high position.

Autumn dream interpretation

If you had a courtship, which was a lot of people, this suggests that in real-life relatives to have too much influence. You should listen to yourself and your heart.

Winter dreams

Matchmaking in a dream foretells an accident – an accident, a disabled vehicle in the road.

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