To dream of a match – what a dream

match in my dream

To see a match in a dream — what a dream

A match in a dream often symbolize the minor troubles, caused by nature or temper the sudden influx of emotions. Most dream books interpret the dream, which featured matches, as negative. However, some commentators believe that such a dream promises a sudden flash of love or passion, which, however, quickly extinguished.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

The matches are symbol of trouble, to avoid which is possible only through maximum control over his emotions. If you see the closed matchboxes, to avoid the looming conflict still succeed thanks to your temper. In this case, even possible profit and the implementation of the plans.

Light a match in a dream – so in reality to succumb to the sudden outbreak of passion. But count on a long-term relationship is not worth it. Burnt match signals problems of the genitourinary system. Maybe it’s time to visit the doctor and get tested.

Win matches to face numerous domestic problems and quarrels in the family for minor reasons. Collect match – means to solve the problem without coming into conflict with an opponent.

If you dream you borrow a box of matches, then in reality you will be asked to help in solving complex problems. Look for a match to bad news. A dream in which you are vainly trying to light a match that promises income attractive offers in the professional sphere.

Women’s dream book

To dream of matches, then the head is immersed in the solution of small problems at home and at work. Light a match – to fall in love and not getting reciprocity. In some cases, the novel is possible, but it will end very quickly, leaving an unpleasant aftertaste in my soul.

Burnt match – cooling in relations with the partner. Matches to ignite the fire – to provoke a scandal of carelessly spoken words. To burn a flame of a match means to suffer from a conflict in which you are to blame.

Family dream book

Matchboxes evidence of a looming conflict in the family. To avoid it it is possible only by curbing their own emotions. Children who play with matches in the dream, will cause quarrels in your home in reality.

Scattered matches represent a lot of household problems. Light a match to cause a storm of scandal is very difficult. Scribbling on boxes of matches means to feel frustration and dissatisfaction with life.

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