What a dream massage in the dream

Massage – pleasant procedure helps to relax and gain strength. In addition, this process is often an integral part of the treatment or rehabilitation after injuries. In order to correctly decipher the dream associated with the massage, the authors of dream books suggest to take into account all the circumstances of the process. Many interpretations indicate that you lean on others, trying to impose their views on others.

massage in sleep

What seems a massage in your sleep

To use the services of the masseur

If you dream you use the services of a massage therapist who performs therapeutic massage of the back and legs, so, in reality, you are paying too much of their own health, forgetting to care for others.

Get pleasure from professional activities of a specialist is a waste of time and money for the dubious pleasure. But to execute someone a massage in a dream – you will be a thankless and exhausting work.

As indicated by the kind of massage

To get a true interpretation of the dream, you should consider which part of the body subjected to the procedure:

chair – outsiders are trying to impose their own opinion;

neck – be careful in dealing with the opposite sex;

compressions during the rescue operation – soon you’ll need a large amount of money for personal needs;

hands – you can count on the help of friends and loved ones.

Massage with erotic overtones

If you dream you feel the pleasure from the erotic massage, in reality, you should pay attention to the condition. Timely examination and treatment will help get rid of the disease at an early stage.

When the dreams that you make erotic massage, a dream warns that your hospitality and good attitude can be misinterpreted.


Many commentators argue that any type of massage, seen in a dream, warns of possible danger. Try not to lose vigilance in real life. It might save you from serious trouble.

If you dream you had to be present during the massage procedure, but not to participate in it, wait for the arrival of distant relatives, with whom long time no see.

To accurately decode a received in the dream signs, you should consider the circumstances and the story takes place, and to analyse emotions, obtained during had the procedure.

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