What a dream marriage? Interpretation of dream books

In the dream, I saw you get married? It is possible that you are working hard for this event and his subconscious projecting in my sleep. But if not, let’s learn how dream interpretation interpret marriage.

dream interpretation marriage

Dream interpretation: what dreams marriage?

Dream Interpretation Filomena

By itself it is a joyful way, which marks a pleasant event in your life.

If you are married and you had this celebration, it is a favorable sign for those who want to have a baby. Be active in the coming days – there is a high probability that you will be lucky in this endeavor.

But if a dream I had the girl single, and you take care of your health, pay attention to even the smallest changes in it. Another dream interpretation interpret marriage as the onset of a number of disorders have had a dream.

In the dream, I saw myself a married woman with all that life? You will be successful in any area of life, don’t miss your chance.

Friend congratulations on the event, see how she gets married, – you will come a carefree period in my life. But don’t forget about the works at this time, there’s a way to make good money.

Women’s dream book

The dream book says that if the marriage proposal, received in a dream, makes you doubt, it means you are too casual about their lives, creating about you is not very flattering opinion.

Dream Interpretation Freud

This dream symbolizes your dissatisfaction with his personal life, the time of her absence. Perhaps you are too eager trying to find a partner or you are not happy with the existing option and want to find the best.

Online dream book

Can’t give a definite answer to the proposal – such a dream carries a warning that you need to be more serious and responsible. Otherwise, you will fall even more in the eyes of their environment.

Unmarried dream interpretation predicts if his imminent marriage saw an unhappy life events. Married persons – look at colleagues and be gentle with it, mind you something. The widow is a dream – do not rely on the implementation of their plans.


Marriage to dream of unexpected joy.

Gypsy dream book

In a dream to accept the marriage proposal from his partner in life, this event will have to wait, and if it is already planned, something will prevent him to go in the period, sliding for some time.

Even had a marriage some have interpreted as a symbol of idleness and frivolous entertainment. Look to your pastime. That’s right, you allocate and spend your time? Do you receive some benefit from their cases? Not the time to spend time more productively and to change your leisure time?

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