Dream interpretation: to dream of manure

Medical often accompanied by sleeping, especially highly sensitive people who get sick or have a fine organization of the psyche. But sometimes it is a healthy person sees in a dream the cuts, inflammations, ulcers, abscesses, wounds with pus. Not exactly a pleasant feeling and emotions obtained in the night, require decoding.

What dream manure in the dream, dream interpretation

What dream manure in the dream, dream interpretation

Summer dream

Manure in a dream is directly related to health, but not marking the appearance of purulent wounds or inflammatory processes, and overall decreased performance, the weakening of the body, as a consequence of the disease.

Autumn dream interpretation

To dream of pus, according to the interpretation of this dream means that you need to prepare for unpleasant events in the work. Manure is always formed inside the body cavity and then breaks out. From a psychological point of view this can be interpreted as the formation of the conspiracy or dirty gossip, intentions within the team against was dreaming. That is quite possible that there is a conspiracy against man in his life, he subconsciously feels that something is amiss around him, but in the dream it transformirovalsya in such discomfort.

Spring dream interpretation

If dream of manure, you need to prepare for the pleasant moments. So out the pus from the wound indicates that the person is on the road to recovery.

Visible in the dream, the manure symbolizes bad waste of human life, liberation, purification.

Ukrainian dream book

Here there are two interpretations: dream interpretation manure is considered as a product of the inflammatory process or as humus, fertilizer. A dream where the manure in the first meaning – it is interpreted by the troubles, losses.

Manure as a potential fertilizer may be interpreted in several ways. If you see him in the house, it means future misery and poverty. If such a fertilizer is dreaming in a heap in the garden, on the contrary, it means a quick profit. The same is to be expected, if during sleep the pus throw in the cart, maybe soon will arrive the money.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Sometimes a person dreams that he needed to squeeze out the pus in my sleep. It is a symbol that it’s time to change something in your life for the better, for example, to get rid of old, unwanted, unnecessary ones, try to change yourself and give up bad habits or old images.

Persian dream book

This vintage edition treats the manure in a good way, to see him is to prepare for financial prosperity, expect success at work or just a good solve cases.

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