To dream manure in the dream

Had a pus and you are interested in the meaning of this dream? Decipher clues subconscious and look into the future will help dreams.

What dream manure

What dream manure

Esoteric dream book

To dream of pus – to large cash revenues; to come to him – to the inheritance or fee for the work performed.

Women’s dream book

Seen in a dream a pile of manure – auspicious sign, the promise of future success in business, rich harvest, and for girls – best marriage and a happy family life.

French dream book

Pus in a dream – a harbinger of prosperity and wealth in life. To get dirty or lying in a pile of manure – you will be a disgrace.

Ukrainian dream book

Manure in a dream – to make a profit or incurring significant costs and trouble, illness and death of a loved one; be it a cart – money; to take out from the yard of the deceased; to see others taken out, – the news about other people’s funerals; to scatter in the field – to death or divorce; to get dirty to succeed in business; to be polluted by someone — to quarrel with this man.

To see a pile of manure – profit, win, profitable job or recovery from a serious illness.

Chinese dream interpretation

Sat in a dream in a pile of manure – expect major trouble, raked it – to the well-being, material well-being.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

To see pus in a big pile – a harbinger of wealth, high social standing, harmonious prosperous life; to scatter it as fertilizer to a decent remuneration for work.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

Dreams manure dream interpretation interpret as a sign of a rich heritage and well-being, speedy recovery to the sick; human – always a harbinger of wealth, and cow health.

To carry the manure is a sign of profit, wealth creation, nourish the earth to the receivables to download somewhere — to humiliation because of the betrayal of friends; to get dirty, unfortunately.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

What dream manure in a big pile – to win, achieve the desired goal; to get to it – to a rich inheritance; to dig fertilized the land with manure – to a company; purchase of manure to valuable acquisitions; sale – up to quick obtaining a small money.

A modern dream book

Manure dream signifies luck, money income, success in business, high social position, and harmony in life.

Smelly or scattered manure in a dream – to problems at work and financial losses; cow – interesting journey; swine – unpleasant, but profitable; the horse – before the long-awaited well-being, achieved through their own efforts.

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