To see my husband in a dream

What is the meaning of contain dreams about her husband?

Male sleep

To see my husband in a dream

Dream Meridian

In most dream books say that the dreams of man prophesy about the extreme excitement of the fairer sex, about the possible infidelity of the husband or the loss of a breadwinner of the family.

If not married the girl think that she has a lawful husband, – should immediately stop all their undertakings, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous.

If a widow dreams of her dead husband, in fact, the woman had doubts, concerns expected long lasting.

If a man invites his wife somewhere is a bad sign. In the next few days can change your health for the worse.

If dreamt a man in a condition of alcoholic intoxication – you will be disappointed in all your endeavors. If a drunk man comes in, he is cheating on you with another woman. If the person is drunk decently behaved, he is conflict-free, in good society, then the dream does not portend anything bad. But if a person is rowdy, turns to you with bad words – in reality, you can expect him to aggression.

To dream of a man when he’s sympathetic to your opponent, is a sign that you have broken the harmony, you experience difficulty in communicating with him. But this situation can still be corrected. If the husband leaves you for the sake of your opponent, but it does not show you the negative emotional outbursts, in fact it can reflect friendly location to your personality.

What does a dream about a man in spiritual seekers

A dream about a man promises a momentary rift in your relationship. But soon the situation will change, your feelings will resume.

If you dream you are quarreling with your husband, Express their outrage, in reality it reflects your relationship of trust and understanding. But on the other hand, this dream may indicate that your house trying to destroy the familiar.

If in a dream sympathizes with the man that you are unfamiliar with the fair sex – you need to rethink your life, as your partner in it feels uncomfortable.

If the wife sympathizes with another person or a stranger – she feels alone, she wants attention from her husband.

If an unmarried girl has a dream that she is married, she should reconsider her attitude, she needs to take care of his charm and generosity.

French glossator dreams

Women outside of marriage had a dream about her husband – your secret will soon come to pass, you will make a lucrative offer or you will benefit.

If a person is sick or feels unwell, in reality it will alter you.

If you dream you see someone else’s husband or husband – do you feel discontent in your marriage. If the woman has not yet married her imminent marriage is not entirely successful.

If a woman had a dream, when her husband is beaten to death next to her, waiting for her in big trouble, career can collapse.

If a man had the husband of his mistress – a quick breakup.

If you had a pregnant male in the family soon expected completion. You need to focus on the mood of his partner as he would take this news.

Dream interpretation for women

A dream about a man that you accuse him of treason, defines your bias towards him.

If the man gentle – in reality you expect quarrels and fights. If rough and aggressive – you will find a reconciliation.

If your husband is going on a business trip and when leaving the house becomes like a taller – you are waiting for unpleasant conversations with my husband’s family.

If a woman dreams that her husband left her for no apparent reason, – in reality you are waiting for the cooling in relations.

If a woman dreams of a man she is afraid of losing him, she was concerned about a possible betrayal and strife.

My wife had a late husband – nothing terrible, as the dead often visit us. If the dead calls you or wants to hug and talk about your stay, do not listen to him. Such a dream can predict the deterioration of health and even death.

If you dream you are getting married, you are waiting for new troubles large scale, you will have responsibilities that will be painful.

If had sex with a man, you can expect financial losses and financial difficulties.

If you see your husband naked in the dream, in fact he might miss or get into a ridiculous situation in the near future.

Kissing men promise disappointment and long-term separation.

If you have a family, but in reality you will have pleasant meetings with them help.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If the person is dream sick and tired is a sign of illness of close relatives.

If a man quarrels with you, the scandal involved another woman in reality you expect difficulties in the family, your man may leave the family.

If a man is a lonely woman dreams of, long since left without male care, unobtrusive indication of inappropriate behaviour to women.

To see a man in a dream several years younger than he actually is, someone is trying to sow discord in the family.

If you dream that your husband disappeared from your sight, you just missed him in the way between you lost unanimity, the husband does not support you.

When the man returned from work tired and angry, soon your house will come lack of money. If the person is joyous and full of energy – you are waiting for a pleasant event and prosperity.

If a man is in vain accuses in something that offends and threatens to leave you, the dreams about her husband they say about the real husband to you. He does not feel your support and understanding. You should rethink their attitude to the family, if you plan to retain the idyll.

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