What a dream in a dream machine

Human dreams are a projection of our subconscious. What to do when the value of the dream does not work for yourself to decipher, especially if this is a dream, which featured the machine? In order to understand what the dream means in full, you can capture the values from different books and dream books.

Dream machine

Dream machine

Ukrainian dream book

Dreams, where people can see the machine in the dream is interpreted here as a warning of stagnation in job or career.

Autumn dream interpretation

This dream book interprets the dream with the presence of the machine as a dream that predicts the future high-profile events or surprises in life.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

This book shares dreams with guns on three values, as the machines can be fighting, food and games. Food machine – it is a device which can be used to purchase a variety of goods. Before with their help, people bought soda water in the glass. Just as if a man had this machine for carbonated water, this may mean that he takes his job or position. To play for money machine – means that in the near future, people may be inclined to cheat. If you dream fighting machine, this warns of impending danger, so caution is necessary in business.

Summer dream

A dream in which appears a real gun for shooting, foretells scandal in the family circle or relatives.

Spring dream interpretation

The machine, from which he shoots the dreamer, means a Grand quarrel and disagreements in his life.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

If you had a battle machine man, this confirms the presence of a person’s creative potential, self-confidence and strength.

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

A dream in which a person drinks the water from the soda machine, sleeping foreshadows the desire to communicate with other people.

Finger indicates that the person will be shrouded in ridiculous rumors.

If you had a dream where people with guns shoot at parties, then such a dream indicates an increased risk.

When a dreamer dreams, though aiming at him from the machine, this may portend trouble. It may be related to blackmail.

If you sleep in the dream, shooting at people, then such a dream signifies a number of unpleasant events and problems.

The army machine is a harbinger of the dangerous and unpredictable situations, so the dreamer should exercise the highest caution in their actions and deeds.

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