Machine in a dream – what is it?

What a dream machine? There are many answers to this question. Is to understand more.

machine sleep

The dream machine: Mercedes or Lexus?

Dream Meridian

The white color is a signal of the disturbance, and if the car is still covered with dirt and has a dented appearance means your life is full of negativity, the cause of which – the wrong choice of a life partner.

What does a dream about new car? This dream has a positive value – success in all undertakings, the successful completion of the transaction. If the person in the dream is buying a car may not be far off a pleasant journey or (for women) marriage.

The red color of the car symbolizes freedom and the desire for freedom. For adults who still live with their parents, it is a signal to radical changes: it’s time to fly out of the nest. Men such a dream may warn of excessive activity on the sexual front, and a married woman about a possible affair.

Broken car in a dream is always a warning. If you are to blame for this condition of the car, it is worth considering: perhaps you devote too much time working. It’s time to deal with family and children. If this happened with a rental car, you can expect failures on the love front. In any case, was wrecked machine warns: do not to trust anyone, only rely on yourself.

Idiomatic dream book

A dream about the car here interpreted in several angles – should review them and choose the most suitable. Machine in the values of «cold» and «soulless» means cynicism. In another case, it is a symbol of amazing activity and vigorous energy («work like a machine»). Sometimes, the symbol is treated as an adverb «mechanically», that is, unconsciously, habitually, unwittingly.

Author dream books

Psychologist A. Meneghetti. The answer to the question of what may be a dream machine, here is simple – it is always moving in life. But the nature of this motion depends on a person’s relationship to the car:

  • driving – means to reach the target or run away from difficulties;
  • to be a passenger – so your life is guided by another person, you have lost control over it;
  • the car rides without you, chances are you’re missing any opportunities.

Psychologist G. Miller. It also all depends on the details:

  • just to see the car – so in the near future become a member of a heavy project which will require forces, but eventually succeed;
  • if the car is old – wait for the defeat of the enemy in all endeavors;
  • if you went into the machine during its work – wait for trouble at work and losing trades;
  • if you had a machine in a faulty condition wait loss among friends;
  • a dream about a ride on a fire engine – it may soon overshadow the problems associated with the emergency;
  • to ride on a fire truck in my sleep – for young people this is a warning from participation in a good cause.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn. All interpretations here are based on the fact that the car symbolizes the physical body and self of the subject. Appropriately explained and the defects in the car, and everything that happens to her in the dream.

Hopes and dreams Dmitry Winter. The car here is a symbol of the capabilities of sleep in reality. In her condition can judge the success of its endeavors. So, a broken machine portends discord and troubles in Affairs, and the steam engine signals the passions and high voltage level, which promises a future project.

Dream Interpretation Cheremenskiy.

  • a dream in which you drive a car, predicts a troublesome thing, which will bring many benefits and solved successfully;
  • machine failure – losses in friends or appearance in your life the obstacles are not insurmountable in the case of strength and patience;
  • if the machine gives back up – consider this: perhaps you are now in retreat.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the zealot. Seen in a dream typewriter means a quick resolution of the dispute, and sewing warns about the rapid development of the business.

What does a dream of a Stranger?

To drive a car in a dream means to take control of their life and almost do not depend on the circumstances (the interpretation of the dream is based on the characteristics of the road).

Machine signals (ambulance, fire) very rarely portend real trouble. Often these dreams are talking about a strong concern of the subject of instability of his emotional state, even despair or depression.

The interpretation of modern dreams

Here, the car is presented as a symbol of the physical form and the spiritual component of man. And a different sort of mechanism breakage hint at trouble in the relevant aspects of life (health, mood, habits) that require elaboration.

Usually, the dream about the car means good luck. But if the car alarm, think about it: most likely, the emotional, mental and physical exhaustion. It could end up having a nervous breakdown, so it’s worth to take a time-out. If you are driving a car you clearly are not satisfied with your job, it’s time to look for a better option.

If you got hit by a car in a dream, most likely this is a manifestation of the internally perceived sense of danger, the source of which has to be seen in real life. Usually it’s a job.

National horoscopes

The American dream book treats the machine as the embodiment of physical and psychological human condition, and the British promises to those who are looking at dream cars, success and prosperity in work, quick wealth, and universal respect. Italian dream book identifies the vehicle with the movement of the subject in life. He runs his own life or is just addicted to «the occupant»? According to the Gypsy dream book, the machine embodies spiritual development. However, if you ride in the ambulance, then was made a serious mistake. Should reflect on the recent past and realize it.

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