Dream interpretation: to lie in bed in the dream

In the dream, lie on the bed portends to go on the road, but there are other interpretations of this vision. What dreaming that you’re lying?

What dreams lie in my sleep?

What dreams lie in my sleep?

Russian dream book

Next to me on the bed ugly man – to the disease.

Summer dream

To see himself lying naked – soon you will do something then you will be ashamed. For a young girl it is a bad sign to see yourself lying in her wedding dress to the serious illness and death.

To lie, to dream of yourself in a state of intoxication – someone wants to embarrass you. If you dream that you lie in a coffin – to longevity. A man sees his bride lies in her wedding dress, the wedding upset.

Lying in a meadow on the green grass or in the field up to new relationships, to lie on the bare ground, dry branches – your life energy will decline. See yourself lying near the dead man to death.

Autumn dream interpretation

Lying near the corpse, to touch his dying loved one. To lie naked next to someone, to diseases of the reproductive organs, to see lying in a coffin, but alive to serious illness.

Spring dream interpretation

According to this dream, lying in a coffin is not a bad omen and promises a long life.

Magical dream interpretation

In this dream, lying in bed one to romance, lie down with your partner – soon you will all have differences. Lie next to two or three people – you are plagued by regrets about the past relationships to lie on an uncomfortable bed – waiting for a difficult period in life.

Small dream book

Lying in a dream- to travel or to be drunk, to lie in a poorly furnished bed – to the disease, lying next to the ugly male – to betrayal. Lie prostrate to suffer from other people’s gossip, to see myself lying on the ground to care.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

If a man dreams that he is to quarrels, the same dream for woman heralds the marriage. A man sees himself lying with the woman – the temptation, the woman lies with a woman – there will be competition.

If you dream you see yourself lying, it symbolizes the unwillingness to strive for anything at this point in life, you hope that problems will resolve themselves.

Lying prone on the ground – the enemies will want to humiliate you, lie down on the grass – for money. Lying on the couch in her sleep – spend a lot of time on pointless dreams, to reach the goal, you need to be more energetic.

To lie, posing for a portrait, is to marry. Lie in a hammock is to get bad news, but at the same time to maintain composure. Lying in bed, while being on the street, promises happiness.

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