What dreams about cones?

What a lump in the dream see it?

dream cones

Dream cones — for what?

Star dream interpretation

Pine cones is a good sign, they symbolize wisdom and health. Your financial situation will be stable. When popping up a bump on his forehead, the dreamer can expect an increase.

The Jewish dream book

This interpreter of dreams says that if a man sees himself and has been collecting cones from spruce or pine in the spring, you should wait for success in business, if this happens in the summer, then life will be smooth and measured, if the fall is a disappointment. The collection of cones in a dream in the winter time signifies a pipe dream.


When the sleeping person sees in a dream the harvest of green cones of the pine tree, it speaks about the upcoming event, which will help to avoid unwanted meeting with a disastrous result. If the lump falls on your head, then in real life someone you betrayed or slandered. Shuck lump of cedar wood is to be blamed for injustice. If you had a bump on the head, then in the near future we should expect a great agreement.

Ancient dream interpretation

Bumps are seen in dreams to love a surprise in reality. There are coniferous leaves – trouble, and to collect it – to work.

Magical dream interpretation

Fir cones are seen in sleep to improve overall health. The collection of cones to the dreamer provides the possibility of intimacy. If you thought spruce branch with cones, in real life you will turn up a case that will bring happiness.

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

In this dream fir cones symbolize the persistence in employment that does not give the desired result. The collection of cones is reminiscent of the mistakes you make errors that can be corrected only if you listen to the advice of more experienced people.

Akulina Dream Interpretation

Cones of any tree, which may be a dream, can be interpreted as the gossip of colleagues, empty talk.

Ukrainian dream book

A bump on the head dream only to profit. This is a good sign that speaks of abundance.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Fir or pine cone for sleep can mean waking to a pleasant surprise, a gift, or happy event to which you are invited.

Erotic dream book

If a woman has a collection of cones, is the fact that in reality does not suit her sexual partner, but to say this does not succeed. If the same activity a person engages in, according to the interpreter of dreams, this may indicate his homosexual tendencies.

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