What a dream in which you see lover?

If you saw in a dream lover, to interpret this dream in different ways. It is not always concerns only personal relationships, but can warn about the possible negative changes or conflicts with the inner circle. Know what they say about this dream the most known and popular dream books. What can dream lover?

Dream lover

Dream lover

Dream Meridian

If you dreamed of a former lover, in a relationship early to finish. Between you have any unresolved problems and unanswered questions, so better find a place to meet. If you dream of a former lover and you feel elation, that means you grieve for the lost relationship and would like to return them. However, the wedding with him in a dream speaks of the possible troubles and reduced frivolous actions.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Lover may dream of the girl as a sign of the close of a successful marriage. But a Mature woman it portends difficulty in relationships and intractable problems. Often such a dream indicates impending financial difficulties.

The Dream Miller

Dreaming of a lover suggests that you will soon be faced with annoying courtship and more serious trouble. If you dream you were in bed with a stranger is a sign of serious dissatisfaction in your personal life, it requires immediate change.

Islamic dream interpretation

This dream lover is a sign of search of carnal pleasures and beautiful life on earth. It is a symbol of temptation, which it is better not to succumb to in the future not to face serious problems in his personal life.

By dream Melnikov, a lover in dreams of the girl foretells her a quick, but not too successful marriage and the birth of a child. For women quarrel in a dream with a lover means a quick change of a partner in personal life and turbulent separation.

What can dream lover?

The dream interpretation of the XXI century, if a man dreams of a lover, it indicates excessive passion and impulsiveness, the disregard of reason. You need to rein in emotions in order to prevent trouble, and to avoid negative changes in your personal life. If a woman dreams of her husband’s mistress is waiting for a serious family argument which can even lead to divorce.

The Dream Miller

This dream book gives a more interesting answer to the question of what a dream mistress. For men it is a sign of the future public embarrassment that will negatively affect his reputation. If in a dream the lover is unfaithful to her husband, he will soon clash with your enemies with unpredictable results.

Dream Interpretation Caratula

To dream of former lover means a quick restoration of broken relationships. However, there is no guarantee that erupted again passion does not stop new painful breakup.

If you dream you see a love triangle, most often it speaks about the need for change in your personal life, finding answers to urgent questions. But a timely conversation can improve the situation.

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