We need peace and love

What is the meaning of contain dreams about love?

Love sleep

Love in a dream

Dream Meridian

If you dream you see a loved one, it recognizes you in love, then his true intentions. Such dreams reflect conscious reality.

If you dream you see a loved one, but he rejects you, cheating with another woman, it is not necessary to trust him in reality, he may betray you. If you dream you say goodbye to a lover, you can really leave. If nothing portends separation, that beloved one is still you will lose, and this process can be very painful.

If in a dream lover gives you a flower or a bouquet, it indicates its location to you. Floral arrangement speaks of great love for you. If your favorite treats bed of flowers, this person will love you for life. The flower buds or unopened flowers are the messengers until the end of the expressed feelings, nevertheless they are true. If the flowers are wilted or dried up, the feeling of love also exhausted itself. Artificial flowers are the messengers of the hypocrisy, lies in an intimate connection.

What dream of an ex love? This dream suggests that your feelings about the former relationship have not ceased. You are still worried about the nostalgia inside, there is a growing willingness to return to a favorite last man.

What does a dream about a past love? Whatever the event in your dream, they will allow you to interpret the event and suggest actions that need to be addressed. In the past a favorite friendly to you in your sleep, excitedly speaks to you – you are waiting for pleasant events and fun adventures in the future. If ex-boyfriend is behaving rudely with you or pretends not to notice – you can expect quarrels and unpleasant conversations with loved ones. If the former beloved wants to return your feelings, then be prepared for quick changes in your life. If you make love with the same partner with whom you had a close relationship, then the dream foretells you a prosperous end of the business and a victory in the dispute.

We need peace and love – you don’t want to get rid of past feelings, live in the past. The dream for you should be a signal: forget past grievances and misunderstandings, start to live in real time.

To dream of loving parents – a prediction about your well-being and imminent financial well-being.

What love means in spiritual seekers

Dream about love – a reflection of the practice of prayer, your heart is open to feelings, ready to give it to others. This dream is a sign of happiness and prosperity.

French interpreter of dreams

Dream about love – waiting for complete happiness. If the feeling is fleeting – will succeed in business. If you see people in love, who are familiar with and wait for the defeat in their endeavors. If you dream of a loved one, with whom you have no relationship, you will feel concern and anxiety for relatives and business partners. If a loved has rejected your feelings, you will succeed in business. To make love in a dream – you happy surrounded by friends, you feel secure and confident in sincere relationships.

Dream interpretation for women

To dream of a loved one – a sign that you are safe, you feel the care and attention other people get pleasure from everything that happens to you. If you dream of a love that has already passed or does not reciprocate, you stand before a choice: to completely change his attitude to standing in front of you question or accept the situation as it is. If in a dream feelings of love manifest between husband and wife, in the dream book of love says that soon expected completion. If you dream you survive a violent passion, the love of his beloved, the reality you’ll experience the cheerful feeling, inspiration, and satisfaction with his provision.

Ukrainian dream book

A dream about love to yourself – to disease. To show feelings of love to a close person to cheating or trouble. The love relationship between the husband and wife have a sincere understanding and well-being. Show love to animals – in life you will be disappointed, relationships with loved ones deteriorate.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To show love to another person – a sign that you are pleased with your present position, you don’t want to change anything. If you dream you love someone, show passion, the dream book obviously refers to the fact that in reality to achieve the goal you need to make great efforts. To be loved – to mutual happiness. To dream of rival or lover – to the conflict in reality.

Dream about love from a psychological point of view

To dream of a loved one – are you happy with your relationship with a loved one, the environment in General. If you dream you break up with a lover, then in reality you have a choice to make: either to legalize their relationship, or break them forever. If in the dream a man and a woman share their love feelings is a sign of family harmony and understanding. If you dream of love for a woman, lesbian relationships – inadequate reflection of femininity, there is a fear of rivalry. If you see a loving relationship from the outside and feel joy, then in reality you expect a deliverance from many troubles.

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