Dream interpretation: to dream castle

What is seen in the dream castle? The wisdom of the interpreters of dreams collected in this article.

What dream castle dream interpretation

What dream castle dream interpretation

Women’s dream book

To see the door closed with a padlock – risk to get into an awkward situation, if you dream you yourself have closed the lock and key, detractors are making plans to hurt you, to open the castle to the successful solution of current problems.

If you dream you open the lock to get in somewhere, and then leaving, close it – you will be a journey that will bring joy. If you had a broken lock, could not open or close it – the husband or the wife will cause resentment, the previously planned trip is disappointing.

Sexual dream interpretation

This dream castle in the dream symbolizes the decline of interest in the sexual side of life. This may be due to the fact that relatives find out about your secret passions and make fun of them. Also, this dream should be regarded as a harbinger of temporary involuntary loneliness.

A modern dream book

To hang on the door the castle in your sleep you can’t relax and trust your partner. To see the door with her hanging on the lock to get in trouble, knock the door – for a married woman such a dream means the emergence of an extramarital affair.

To see the lock is broken – to the life changes that open the lock because of his failure- to small failures. Had the door closed not only the castle, but on a bolt, – it will be a breakup with a loved one.

Dream Interpretation Of Nostradamus

The castle is a symbol of all kinds of interference and obstacles to the purposes intended by you. Close the door – strive to escape from problems, the reluctance to notice them. Dream castles are unusual in that your eyes will see something unusual. To see out of the door fell the lock is to find a solution to the question that has long tormented you. Broken lock – to the disappointment in friends.

What dream castle (Palace, building).

To dream of a castle, beautifully decorated, rich – the desire to live well, to embody the most courageous dreams. Had a dream that you live in the high castle – to material prosperity, wealth. Dreams abandoned, old castle, where no one lives, in family life you don’t have enough romance.

If in the dream castle floating above the ground – what you want from life too much and you risk to be disappointed in him. To dream of a burning castle – the consequences of your actions will be the most unexpected. To build dream castles in the sand – the need to better consider their actions towards their targets, otherwise they will not be able to carry out.

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