Had a lizard dream interpretation

Many animals become members of our dreams. Is no exception and the lizard. This reptile is known for its unique characteristics, thanks to which he has definite views about themselves. Let us examine the dream of lizard, is cunning and elusive.

What dreams the lizard

What dreams the lizard

Russian folk dream interpretation

According to the interpretation of the image of the lizard in this source it is a symbol of wealth and skill. To catch it means the desire to achieve what they want by tricks and gimmicks. To catch a lizard in a night vision – promises the opportunity to achieve, without trying to choose the appropriate tools.

If you had a lizard, basking in the sun, this vision promises favorable conditions for solving all current Affairs.

Women’s dream book

If you dream you see a lizard, wait for the attacks of your detractors. To kill her means that after a series of troubles and problems you will be able to recover exemplary reputation and to fix the odds in their favor. When a woman dreams, the reptile bites her, or Slough, should expect trouble. Such a dream also warns that you should have patience and willpower, because there are coming trials and financial crisis.

Erotic dream book

According to the interpretation of this dream lizard in the dream suggests the possibility of deception on the part of the partner. Also see a dead lizard in a night vision predicts the exposure of his passions treason. When you dream that you crawled this reptile, should be wary of indiscriminate and casual sex.

Intimate dream

If in the dream the lizard runs away, it is a warning that the partner is secretly cheating on you and you don’t notice it. If the lizard in the dream, dropped tail, this dream warns you about possible problems in sexual life. Try to catch it – is the imminent disappointment in the date, which was a lot of hope.

The newest dream book

A dream in which you saw this reptile, warns that of your surroundings is a cunning and clever man who is trying you to spend. Also a dream in which there was a lizard is a warning for possible surgery. Lizard in a dream promises a quick chat with the man of old age. Also this dream indicates the need for wise Council.

Small dream book of Veles

To dream a lizard means that your environment is malevolent or cunning man. A dream in which you saw her, foretells disappointment or a small hassle. There is a reptile in a dream – to wealth, and to kill – to win over enemies. Stroking him in his sleep to try to undertake dangerous or unreliable.

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