Dream interpretation: dream lipstick

Lipstick is a very personal thing for each girl, which is selected taking into account all the individual characteristics. And lipstick in a dream symbolizes hidden emotions, hopes or fears, which you do not want to speak openly to all around.

What dreams lipstick dream interpretation

What dreams lipstick dream interpretation

Lipstick lipstick in her sleep

For example, if in a dream a long time to stand in front of a mirror and apply one coat of lipstick, for others, it means that in real life, having to pretend, put on masks, to conform to strict rules that make you forget about your own individuality. Perhaps you should think about how to change the situation, which is so detrimental to psychological state.

If lipstick in dream lipstick had long, because it was impossible to find the right shade, it is necessary to reconsider their views on prospective partners when choosing. This is clear evidence of excessive and even unjustified claims. Perhaps it is not only men?

If lipstick for a long time and diligently but at the last moment the lipstick broke, it means that in the entourage appeared and envious competitors. A breakdown of the lipstick – it’s their actions to discredit you in the eyes of the public, to substitute for stupidity.

When in a dream you have to paint the lips, and then long to wash the lipstick, the future holds a lot of routine work that will not bring any benefit. Neither morally nor financially satisfied will not work.

If in a dream I had a long time to see how lipstick lipstick stranger, it is a sign of impending cheating behind your back. Not required, this plan prepares a woman.

What the downers say about lipstick color?

Bright shades of red indicate that a woman is unhappy with the attention that it has. She is confident and believes that deserves better.

The color pink suggests that in life it is impossible to attract the attention of men. But, most likely, because that too openly shown feelings. It is better to reduce the pressure.

Lipstick in any other colors, as it usually happens in life, means that ahead of the coming event, which is very surprising.

What dreams lipstick men?

When a man dreams that he paints my lips, it means that he subconsciously sees in her a woman of such characteristics as weakness and softness. You should not choose such women for a serious relationship.

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