What dreams lip

To see lips in a dream – a bad sign for women and girls. Depending on the details that was filled with dreams, lips can talk about the uncertainty or fears of the woman or about her desire to bring to my man.

Lip in my sleep

Lip in my sleep

The esoteric dream book Tsvetkov E.

Very brightly painted lips portend quarrels and troubles, you can slander. Thin lips indicate your impatience that you are in a hurry, but haste will only exacerbate negative processes in life.

Old Russian dream book

  • Red – health; if sick sleep, he will recover;
  • Ugly, with wounds to the difficulties and diseases;
  • Swollen – bad luck;
  • Kiss – reciprocity.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Large, plump and defined lips portend sleeping much anxiety. Lip in a dream symbolizes the inner world of man. If it hurts or looks ugly, you are worried and torn between loved ones.

  • Thick – the problem will be resolved in your favor;
  • Dirty – there will be troubles;
  • Other people – you will support the surrounding;
  • Thin – will be a problem at your fault;
  • Chubby – you need to pay attention to health.

Esoteric dream book

This dream interpretation, what dreams lip as desire a close relationship with the opposite sex. If you see the lips, you lack affection, positive emotions, pleasant feelings.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Bright lips – a sign of your unstable nature. Your ego interfere with the lives of others, brings them harm. Beautiful lips – in the house will build relationships, old grudges will no longer bother you. If the lips were pale, perhaps a family member will get sick.


  • Thin – do not rush to make decisions;
  • Swollen – petty quarrels, misunderstandings;
  • Very bright – divorce, loss of relationships;
  • Kiss – new relationship.

Dream Meridian

If the sleeper in a dream kisser, he is in great trouble with native people. Lip in a dream – a symbol of your inner insecurity. If the lip sore or cracked, you have a lot to worry and stress about the middle. In these dreams we need to remember kissing you in the dream, the one who was your partner, will bring misfortune. For men to paint their lips in a dream or see how the paint someone else, is very surprised.

The American dream

  • Lips – the ability to withstand the troubles;
  • Kiss – help from family.

Oriental dream book

  • Ugly – meeting, which will bring negative emotions and troubles;
  • Pink – harmonious relationship in marriage;
  • Thin – to achieve the desired result, will have to show persistence and perseverance;
  • The wounded – your desires do not coincide with the possibilities of deprivation.

Imperial dream book

Trying to explain to them what dream lips, this dream indicates that there is some relationship with other organs. To see lips, to kiss them, indicates ill health. Thin, ugly lips – diseases of internal organs.

Islamic dream interpretation

  • Cut lips – you should not slander someone;
  • Cut off one lip – loss, one goes;
  • Good new relationship, marriage, love.

Small dream book of Veles

If lips are sore, pale, wait that someone from the family gets sick. Red lips – try to avoid quarrels with your loved one.

The newest dream book

In this dream interpretation lips – a symbol of mystery Dating, you think about the relationship you don’t want to advertise, I wish that they remained a mystery. If the lips are strong, defined and cause feelings of pleasure in the relationship with a loved one everything is good.

A modern dream book

  • To see is to sort out the relations in the family;
  • Puffy – long mutual relationships;
  • Slim – success;
  • The wounded, the sick, difficulties, troubles in the family;
  • Painting flirtation;
  • To admire – loved ones feel your warmth and tenderness.

Dream Interpretation Grishina

See big lips in her sleep – much to worry about. Such vision for women can mean to his dissatisfaction in intimate relationships. Numb lips – you can hardly hold back, not to say unpleasant words.

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