What a dream in which you see the sheets?

Of great importance in the interpretation of dreams about linen is its purity. But even in this case, the interpretation of dreams in different horoscopes can be very different. Try to understand more accurately.

Sleep bedding

What does it mean to dream bedding

Star dream interpretation

A dream about bedding spotless means love and harmony in the family. Your significant other truly loves you and does everything to keep the family together. If linen was dirty, be prepared that your partner will change you. If you dream you washed bed linen, you will walk gossip. Someone is going to dismiss about you slander. If in the dream you ironed and hung it on the rope, rejoice. Your family will be fine.

The Jewish dream book

If you dream you are changing the sheets on the bed, it symbolizes prosperity and well-being.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

To dream of linen – a sign of big changes in life. Life brings you something unusual. Perhaps you will meet with your partner. As a variant – the growth of a career or a good profit.

If linen shone dazzling white, it speaks to the goodness and innocence of your soul. Your business is driven by only the best intentions. You don’t even allow the thought to hurt anyone. If in the dream you were buying lingerie, and then bitterly regret buying it, be prepared that your condition will worsen. Such a dream could mean that future events will greatly affect your life.

White bed in a dream, you have changed to fresh, suggests that you need to pay a visit to the doctor. Can worsen the disease. Make his bed dirty sheets to problems, conflict and trouble.

If the bedding in the dream was torn, expect trials and difficulties in his personal life. Between you and your spouse quarrel is brewing. Attach a maximum effort to prevent such a turn of events. Not to Express to each other the accumulated resentment. Otherwise your relationship will end.

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

Dirty linen is to lie. As an option – you will hear unworthy things about others. To wash clothes – to lose a small thing. Hang to dry – a sign of good luck. You can win something. Buying bed linen says about the approach of the disease.

Magical dream interpretation

If you dream you are buying a bed linen, then in the near future you will be busy landscaping their home. Erase – will be to carry out General cleaning in the house.

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