Dream interpretation what dreams Lily of the valley bouquet

Your dream included this magical spring symbol? Ask about what dream Lily dream interpretation, which is in front of you.

dream interpretation Lily

Dream interpretation: Lily of the valley, what they dream about?

Love dream interpretation

If you dream you were sniffing a bouquet of lilies of the valley, it means that you passionately want to relax and be in nature. It might even be subconscious premonition of strings romantic relationship.


The dream interpretation considers the lilies in the dream symbolize innocence.

A modern dream book

If you have lilies, you should know that if something happens to your side cheating, your relationship with your partner explode with no chance of recovery. Had a bouquet of lilies of the valley in your weight – you happen to have the pleasure, but it would be short, and in its place will come a big problem.

To collect these flowers – some of your loved ones, and perhaps you yourself will soon be in an interesting position. If you are already pregnant and saw a dream – your baby will be born without problems and healthy.

Fragrance observed during sleep, anticipating the receipt of good news from friends. Neseawava, in all its glory, the Lily in the dream see it receiving a gift from a loved one. Or, if you have something long desired, you will be able to realize that desire.

Throw it away or break into pieces of wilted flowers dream to separation from partner or great disappointment.

Dream Interpretation Longo

These flowers symbolize sadness from the awareness of his loneliness. Something happens in your life that cause you to fall into melancholy. But try to find at least some advantages in the situation – this will help you to recover. Blooming lilies of the valley to see promises receive a nice gift.

To give lilies of the valley in a dream – soon someone from your surroundings who are not particularly noticed, will appear before you in a completely different light. What he will do, will awaken interest in it. Fragrance dream to the guests, which will bring not good news.

Dream Interpretation Grishina

By itself, the Lily in dreams is a symbol of friendship, good feelings. But dried Lily of the valley in the dream alludes to your excessive demands on others.

Esoteric dream book

Lilies of the valley symbolize great sadness and grief. And dream book warns that to gather a bouquet of lilies of the valley – to the fact that the sad events will happen very soon.

Dream book about plants

If you dreamed of lilies of the valley, it portends the return of lost happiness.

Dream interpretation health

Lily of the valley warn you that you should care of their health, especially heart. Less nervous and try to think more positively.

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