What dreams you see the light?

In real life, the streams of light to symbolize the revival and flourishing of all living and present, embodying the beauty of the world. It might be associated with the appearance of light in dreams, try to deal with the most popular dream books have the answers on all occasions.

light in the dream

What does a dream in which you see the light

ABC of the interpretation of dreams

A bright, shining light in a dream means spiritual insight and the presence of the light of the spirit in your life. This vision shows that the sleeping person is able to correctly assess what is happening around him and at desire can overcome any obstacle.

English dream interpretation

If you had to dream the light is very brightness, so in real life you expect a real breakthrough in any field. Perhaps it will be a significant improvement in the financial condition, gaining credibility among other people or a big business success. In that case, if a stream of light suddenly went out or disappeared, the event can go in the unfavorable scenario.

Women’s dream book

In the interpretation of this dream, the light portends a lot of luck, if it flows bright and clear. Vague, opaque light is a sign that on the way to the goal you will achieve only insignificant results. If the light beam is extinguished, so will have to go through the sadness for the fact that you have taken it stalled.

Oriental dream book

Clear light fluxes can dream to a long-awaited success in business. Shimmering and mysterious glow predicts that the ambitious plans will not come true in reality. The appearance of the dim, misty light in the dream says that of all his plans will be able to accomplish only half.

The dream yogis

Explaining what a dream light, yoga is associated with high maternal and vibrations. Illuminated by pure light, a person can make transitions in these worlds and there to gain Ecumenical experience and knowledge. Invisible vibration energy of the body coincide with the frequency of waves of high worlds.

Family dream book

The radiant light shines, seen in a dream promises success in business and success in business. When luminous flux has a dim tint, therefore, should not expect big returns from these efforts. The flashing of the light beam attests to the fact that it is moving with varying degrees of success, but the chances of its successful completion are incredibly small. But do not despair, revise their plans, they may have weak spots and you can fix it.

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