To dream of an Elevator

Lift – the symbol of the movement on the path of life. How to interpret such dreams?

The Elevator in my dream

What a dream to ride in the Elevator

Dream Of The Wanderer (Terence Smirnova)

To see a lift in your sleep, better health, success, personal relationships will come to a higher level. Replenishment of vital forces expect of a man who saw himself in the dream in rushing the Elevator up.

To go down – stagnation in personal relationships and Affairs, the stop or the wait state.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

The dream foretells a promotion to prosperity and wealth, perhaps even to glory when you in the rising Elevator.

Down – a warning. Followed by a series of setbacks, can thoroughly spoil your life.

Stopped Elevator in which you are, – there was danger. Very soon with the person who is stuck in the Elevator, will happen some misfortune.

The Elevator went down, but without you, there will be disappointments. Try to avoid them.

The esoteric dream book Tsvetkov

Lift – the symbol of your spiritual state, to the path of spirituality.

The Elevator goes up – you are on the rise. Downward movement indicates a decline, you return to the starting point.

If the Elevator moves horizontally, it means that your rise to interfere with domestic issues and concerns.

What dreams falling Elevator? Beware of spiritual fall. I dreamt that the Elevator stopped? Will help you understand what you staying on the path of his spiritual development.

Esoteric dream book

To dream of a lift is to move on with your life. Rise, so you are waiting for success and good luck. Come down – be prepared for the fact that the success will pass you.

If the Elevator control is in your hands, wait for the success in financial Affairs.

Slow Elevator – things will start to move surprisingly quickly. Conversely, if you dream that the Elevator is moving very fast in your work, encounter unexpected obstacles.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

The woman dreamed that she had going down the Elevator. A good night’s sleep, as it will be able to avoid bitter disappointments.

To get stuck while riding in the Elevator warning. Need to prepare for future trouble.

Dream interpretation of the modern woman

What a dream to ride in the Elevator? It all depends on which direction it moves. Down – so you need to be prepared for the coming troubles. If the dream showed that you could leave down the Elevator, you will avoid problems.

Move up – you will find wealth and success. The danger in reality, the dream foretells suddenly stopped the Elevator.

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