What have lice in your head?

It is unlikely that the sleep in which you dream these nasty insects, leaving a pleasant feeling. But once your subconscious has given this method definitely wanted to say. Let’s see, what have lice.

What have lice dream interpretation

What have lice dream interpretation

Old Russian dream book

Lice is a harbinger of wealth if you dream you are doing such hard work like combing these parasites, in real life, get rid of the oppressive of your worries.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you clearly see lice is a sign of something good that happens in your life, but if you only realize that you have these insects without seeing them, you need to lose something.

I dream of nits – you will be successful, push them – you’re on the right track to their goal, and if you do not kill the nits and lice, then wait for unexpected news or profit.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Here insects, seen in a dream – a bad image, and the value of what might have lice, often not rosy. Small animals represent a personal plan: relationships, money, work, until predrekaniya dismissal.

But if you have lice in another person is a symbol of good life change in any area of life: good deal at work or praise superiors that hints at future prospects, the opportunities to improve their lives.

Moving lice in the hair is a harbinger of problems in personal and business relationships, if your hair – get ready to material losses.

And that’s what having lice in a child? They serve as a subconscious hint at any problems in your family, but these problems can be solved, if thanks to your efforts, the baby lice were protected.

Comb out hair with lice mark changes your state of mind, hinting at good future events. Combing lice out of my mind – symbolized by the help of another person in real life.

Had a white lice? It is a favorable sign, talking about future life success. And for their realization in life, it is not necessary to postpone the planned business.

Saw in a dream one, but a very large louse – you can expect problems in life, but if you crushed it, previously caught, you will successfully get rid of the problems.

Large head lice are present in the dream in a large number of – check your health, it is advisable not to delay it. See big black lice – someone scheming against you.

Family dream book

This dream says that lice represent a different kind of trouble. Caught a louse, foretells some kind of disease seen on the body – alluding to the improper attitude to loved ones.

The newest dream book

A single louse alludes to disease, insects in multiple quantities to indicate a money.

The Russian dream book

And this source believes that the nasty critters having to cash profits.

A modern dream book

The celebration of different nasty things to your enemies, as well as health problems – that’s what you dream of lice in the head. Sit on the body or run around him – a hint of a bad attitude to their surroundings. Caught a louse – take care of your health, as it is a celebration of the disease. If insects in my sleep a lot – you have anxiety disorder Affairs and health.

The Dream Miller

Seen the louse – sign problems, especially in terms of health. Caught a louse in a dream – to serious illness. The louse is on your body – the unfair treatment of their friends.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

Trying to manually crush lice – a symbol of empty effort and thankless work. Lice talk in your sleep – this is an unusual situation promises you unexpected news and a reason to surprise in real life. If a louse bites you – expect sudden profit. If you’re looking for that will save you from insects, your old problem will be solved. Had a louse in the process of laying their eggs – you will find a very thorough job that you will spend a lot of time. Lice in your dream jump – your peace will be upset unpleasant news.

Esoteric dream book

Lice – money symbol.

Dream Interpretation Semenova

Your attitude to the near environment, especially to friends, not fair – that’s what having lice in the head.

Dream World

Lice, seen in a dream symbolize a pleasant life changes: it is possible that you will find promising job or finally going to pay off with debts.

Dream healer Fedorov

Lice are interpreted here as a precursor to enrichment.

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