What a dream library

Library associated with peace and quiet, in real life she is a symbol of erudition, knowledge, cultural values. What a dream library? Dream on storage of books is interpreted depending on the characteristics of the vision.

dream interpretation library

What a dream library

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

To be in the library, stroll through its corridors, viewing the shelves of books, magazines, – a discovery that will radically change the life of the dreamer.

A dream where the person sees himself as an employee of the library, portends anxiety related to work, family. To meet with the librarian in a dream means imminent meeting with interesting and beautiful lady.

To see the burning of the library building, – to the bad, bitter news.

Gypsy dream book

The library for this dream is interpreted as a symbol of respect from business partners, colleagues. Search books, her reading in the library dreaming to the exposure of secrets and conspiracies.

French dream book

What does this dream about a library? The dreamer will soon have to start searching for something important. Meeting with the librarian in a dream warns people about upcoming hardships and disease.

The transaction processing in a dream purchase of the library is a signal from the subconscious that the sleeping man should consult with lawyers and partners on the business.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Take a stroll on the reading rooms and examine the situation of the library to dream of interesting acquaintances, new knowledge and acquiring a mentor. The dreamer was sick of dealing with his environment, his subconscious, wants change.

Know that you are in the library, but do not understand how I got here, to false expectations imposed on sleeping his inner circle.

Dream of the future

What a dream library? Here the dream is interpreted as achieving the desired goals, the proof surrounding its capabilities.

A burning building that appeared in a dream, signified the dawn of parting with close friends, the loss of trusted partners, but also loneliness.

To do in the library to do some work – to advice from each other, create new life plans and goals.

If a person sees him in a dream takes the book home from the library, it is a warning: the dreamer must urgently reconsider their opportunities. What he plans to do in the near future, he can’t, he will lose his time.

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