Dream interpretation: dreamt of a lion

Lion in a dream symbolizes a secret power and hidden potential. What a dream to dream this mighty beast?

What dreams lion dream interpretation

What dreams lion dream interpretation

Women’s dream book

If a woman saw a lion – her female force more than she thinks. To fight with a lion and come out a winner – you will cope with the machinations of your enemies, if you lost the lion – the enemies overpower you.

To see the lion prisoner in a cage means that to achieve the goal you have to neutralize your enemies. If the lion had a young girl – she has a lover. A man sees in a dream, growls like a lion – will be able to success with the opposite sex.

If in the dream a lion attacked you and your family, little kids – you can handle the enemies with the support of their relatives. To sit astride a lion is to a successful career.

Gypsy dream book

Says Gypsy dream interpretation lion in a dream foretells familiarity with the public-an important figure, politician. To try the meat of a lion – for recognition from others. To fight with a lion in a dream – in reality you have to fight enemies, kill a lion – you will get victory over them.

If in a dream in the struggle you managed to ride the lion at work will give you the chance to get promoted. To take from the lion his prey to unexpected money to see a lioness with cubs – fortunately in the family.

Dream Meridian

If a married woman sees a young, healthy lion – leaving her with an extramarital affair. Unmarried Leo to dream of new fans. To see a lion showing its strength roars to success at work, especially this dream is favorable for men who have their own business.

Ukrainian dream book

Had lion – all achievements in life you will achieve yourself. To see a lion chasing a man, unfortunately. To try to hide from a lion – your enemies are very strong.

French dream book

According to this dream interpretation lion dream for the upcoming important meeting. The lion behaves aggressively, dreams to the concerns and hassle. To see how the lions play with each other. – suffer from someone else’s negligence. Had a newborn lion cub – fortunately.

You are near a lion, but the lion is peaceful – you will find strong patrons. Are together in a cage to meet the man who will become your faithful friend.

Vision of a lion foretells that soon you will have to show all their courage.

A young man dreamed of the lion – soon marriage to a rational woman who will be a perfect mistress of the house.

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