What have lemons

At the mere mention of the lemon, the saliva accumulates and clearly felt the characteristic sour taste in my mouth. How sour life lemons promise a dream, tells the dream books.

Dreamed a dream lemon

Dreamed a dream lemon

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

Dreaming lemon dream interpretation interpret as a sign of something unpleasant that causes heartburn and mouth, the lemon forest symbolizes the desire to achieve peace of mind.

Buying lemons in the dream symbolizes the moral fatigue and mental agony and desire dramatically life changes, the cultivation of the lemon tree promises a fascinating journey to exotic places.

Green lemons mark the sad events of someone close to you have them – to sadness and frustration.

Dried lemon dream to unprecedented success in all Affairs; squeezed warns that you will try to take advantage of selfish friends; rotten promises quarrels and the pangs of conscience due to the reckless actions; sweet promises of the good news; blooming marks a decent estimate of your prudence; there is a sour lemon to unexpected problems because of their frivolity.

Gypsy dream book

Have lemons, what? Marriage with a person with a severe character; pressing lemon juice – to poverty, to drink it is to litigation.

Women’s dream book

Lemon trees with dense foliage and ripe fruits signify the suffering unduly uncontrolled jealousy or envy.

You dream that you eat lemons, in a short time you are waiting for disappointment and humiliation, green lemons portend an infectious disease, dried warn about parting with a loved one.

French dream book

Lemons in a dream signify not only the sadness and obstacles in Affairs, but also the subsequent consolation in a significant state. There are lemons – the betrayal of a loved one.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

To see the lemon in a dream – see you soon good news, clean – to avoid the terrible danger due to his own dexterity, wring out the juice – to the sad news.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

Lemon dream problems, loss and grief; get a gift – a warning about hidden enemies, to give – can get the upper hand over their enemies.

A modern dream book

What have lemons to see them foretells severe suffering and anguish, boredom, sadness, boredom, depressive and sad state; there – will have to endure the humiliation and disappointment.

Seasonal dream interpretation

Chop the lemon in a dream foretells a reprimand or division of property; overcoming the lemon juice and to drink tea with him – warning of upcoming severe moments in life.

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