Leeches dream, dream interpretation

What does seen a leech in dreams?

What dreams leeches dream interpretation

What dreams leeches dream interpretation

Autumn dream interpretation

If you purposely stuck like a leech, it indicates a stubborn person, from which we cannot escape.

Spring dream interpretation

Leech in a dream is the hidden foes in reality that waiting until you «bleed out».

Summer dream

To observe clings to your skin, the leech, is to communicate with dependent.

Women’s dream book

Every leech that came to you in a dream, does not Bode well and speaks about detractors. If you use it for medical purposes, in reality you have to face the illness of a loved one. When you have to watch other people who are doing therapeutic manipulation of these creatures, you should expect to quarrels with family and friends. If it is a small creature much stuck exactly to the body, you need to be careful. This is a warning of danger.

Dream Interpretation Miller G.

In this dream, a leech bite will signal the alarm and hostile people that try to sabotage your plans. Even in that moment, when the dreams are being used only for the treatment, it can only mean impending disease. Such a dream warns in advance the trouble. It should be cautious.

Chinese dream interpretation

To dream of leeches for the weak half of humanity that promises the loss of wealth.

The American dream

The leech, which you see in sleep, is excited to bring you the information that you suck the life force or, conversely, you do, exactly.

Largest online dream book

This interpreter can tell you what dream leeches, but you should also remember details of the dream. Typically, leeches are the enemy, and strive to surprise, to disturb your business. So gather the forces and try to keep close to such people.

Small dream book of Veles

To catch a leech or to cling to it – soon to become pregnant.

Sealcoating says

Every person who sees a leech, will face cunning enemies and envy.

The dream dictionary from A to z

If you’re dreaming of a leech, which floats freely in the pond, we should expect a loss in business, what was the most significant. If it is stuck in a dream for you while swimming, you have to survive a good shake, which you of course get out, but pretty demoralized. To see pharmacy leeches, floating at the Bank, tells about the loss. You have to give most of his property. The one who decided in my sleep to push these creatures in real life will face unfair treatment of loved ones.

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