What dreams Laundry dream interpretation according to the

In reality, we do the Laundry to wear clean, good smelling clothes. Thus, we jogged, trying to look better. In the dream portends the Laundry situation is dependent on how much clothing had to what water it soaked.

dream interpretation wash

What is seen in the dream wash dream interpretation according to the

The Dream Miller

Laundry in dream Miller means fighting with competitors, or difficult case from which you will come out a real winner. Pure washed linen – incredible success in business, in business, in relationships. If you thought bad, the reputation will be restored. After washing, things remained dirty, you are unhappy with the result – expect problems and failures. Admire a beautiful girl washing clothes, wish to get pleasure from a forbidden location. As they say, forbidden fruit is sweet.

Women’s dream book

If you do in the dream, the Laundry, the reality will be a difficult combat circumstances. Your persistence, hard work and diligence will enable you to get out of the problem with the victory. Perfectly washed clothes, linen speaks of the fulfillment of your desires, your plans come to life and bring huge success. Do not be afraid of beginnings, good fortune on your side. In the women’s dream Laundry, after which there was stains on clothes, linen dirty – coming band trouble. You need to be patient, to be wise, to avoid all sharp corners and to solve all the problems.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

See that you wash by hand, it foretells of the betrayal of your half. Also expect trouble both in personal and business life. Washing machine work – you will find new friends. To dream of washing powder or other means – get ready for a painstaking and exhausting work, the only way to achieve results. To dream of Laundry to gossip, slander, libel. To wash using washing boards will have difficulty when solving seemingly simple problems.

Ukrainian dream book

To see a dream in which doing Laundry, to disease. Your health requires a thorough examination, make a prophylactic trip to the doctor. Just seeing Laundry – disaster in the immediate environment, bad news from relatives.

Dream Interpretation Of Sigmund Freud

Dream interpretation according to the famous psychologist things, lingerie is a symbol of the feminine. If a person dreams of clean linen, clothing, the reality is he happy with his life, sex partner completely satisfies its needs in private life. Laundry service – the desire to forget the mistakes of the past. Dirty linen bad dirt – your failures and mistakes will come out and will have to answer for all the ugly deeds in the past.

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