What does it mean to dream of lots of big ants

Ants have proven to be the most hardworking animals. They foreshadow everything that is connected with the man’s job, his relations with employees.

what dream large ants

What dream large ants

The American dream

To dream of ants take part in public business, and your work will be productive.

English dream interpretation

The ants symbolize the labor, fuss. For saw in a dream formic vanity – soon to move to a busier place, city. Also, this dream says that you will find yourself in a large family.

If he saw a dream ants characterized by perseverance and diligence, he will be able to collect financial wealth, and his life will be provided. If the dream was not the most careful person, his life will be in poverty. For traders to dream of ants – profit, best deals for lovers dream means imminent marriage, happy family life and many children.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

Aesopian dream vividly describes what dream large ants. They symbolize a workaholic, maybe you is the most diligent worker. The ant has long been considered a hard worker, still associated with the movement, work. To dream of a swarm of ants – meeting with good and diligent people. Your new friends will be gentle and kind, honest and sincere.

Saw in a dream, like an ant carrying something in its nest, be more frugal, not wasteful. Maybe soon the situation will deteriorate and you will need accumulated savings. Crawling on the hands or feet, the ant is a symbol of your thrift, which will become a guarantee of security.

People’s dreams

What have the ants crawling on the body? They symbolize your frugality, which will become a guarantee of prosperity. Dreaming with ants bustling in your anthill, is a good sign. If you’re honest work, your colleagues and superiors will treat you with great respect, you earn respect, get bonus, bonus. See the ant trail – you have many loyal and devoted friends. You can be sure, they can rely on in any situation. There is also an explanation of what having ants in the house – so, it will be prosperity will take hard work.

The bite of an ant – you will fail a close friend, work colleagues. See jams on which ants are to achieve success you will have to put a lot of effort to circumvent the numerous obstacles. A dream in which you destroyed an ant swarm, meaning you got involved in the dubious event, which will be left with nothing. Be careful, do your best to say «no» to even a friend, offers you to join in the Scam.

Family dream book

To dream of ants – a lot of work, fuss. Also dream means the end of problems, beginning of a good period in my life. To see this dream on the night of Sunday – you will see, rethink the past and to start with a clean slate. For Friday – have a good health, all diseases can easily move without the help of doctors. The ruin of the nest unfortunately.

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