To dream of language – to what?

The dream language is interpreted in various ways – from large profit to the sad news. Consider the basic interpretation of the situations when you dream language. First and foremost, depends on the time of year. To dream it in the autumn means that you have to very carefully watch what you utter during a conversation. In summer, this dream can mean a strong argument (perhaps in connection with the use of alcoholic drinks), and in the spring of slander or denunciation. There are other interpretations of the dreams in which you have language.

Dream MOV

Dream language: what does it mean?

Dream interpretation for women

Your words can provoke a major scandal or a fight with friends. If you dreamed that your tongue hurt, try to talk less.

Small dream book of Veles

The arrival into your life unpleasant the interlocutor. Short tongue – a harbinger of financial profit, and injured or swollen tongue can indicate disease of relatives.

Dream Gypsy

If you dream of swollen tongue, then you obviously do not know how to keep secrets. But if you had a tongue of some animal, then you may soon become famous because of your intellect.

Dream interpretation of Aesop

A harbinger of unexpected news or warnings. In particular, to dream language with wounds is in the big trouble from unnecessary conversations. Cut off the tongue means of getting false information from friends and numbed tongue – a series of unfortunate events in my life.

If in the dream someone’s tongue out, it means a provocation for a bad deed. To cook the dish from language to overcome all life’s adversities. A long tongue is the harbinger of unpleasant rumors.

If in the realm of Morpheus you’re biting your tongue, then you have less to believe the speculation of others. Lick ice cream in a dream – to good news, and feel a sour or bitter taste to the frustration.

Dream Interpretation Freud

Nominated for your address is, what in your life have not had good quality sex. Burnt tongue – a sign that you need to be careful with what you say, and bite the tongue is to the disclosure of a personal secret to your friend.

French dream book

In this dream it is the need to be smarter. If you dream of a big mouth, be prepared to regret that you missed in the past.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Bite the tongue – to the vain hope or fear. If you dream you over the top some phrase, that in reality you will have to remember. Sleep associated with the languages of other countries – a sign that you do not fully understand myself.

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